Minecraft Villagers Have Gone Insane Since Village and Pillage Update

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The latest Minecraft update just released and it has drastically altered the behaviors of villagers throughout the game. The Village & Pillage update has taken the mindless, passive villagers that populate the game and given them some personality--maybe a bit too much for some. Reports from players all over are documenting the vastly different, and often odd, behaviors the denizens of Minecraft have been demonstrating.

The Village & Pillage update is enormous, adding a plethora of features and items to the game. But many of these changes aren't getting the kind of attention the locals have been getting. The wacky behaviors of the villagers have made them the focus of the update for many. They have become much more fascinating, and everyone is watching to see what they'll do next.

For the longest time, the occupants of Minecraft mostly kept to themselves. But lately, they've been a lot more active and a lot more invasive. For example, Many players have noticed the villagers have now taken it upon themselves to get their beauty rest wherever they feel like--often hopping right into player beds. Even homes thought to be properly secured are somehow being navigated by the villagers, who plop themselves onto beds and creepily sleep with their eyes wide open or with their heads floating just above them, thanks to a bizarre bug. One Twitter user found a simple but unorthodox solution to this problem: yank them out of bed with a fishing pole.

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Screenshot: Tyler Patrick (Twitter)

Some of these NPCs have really made themselves at home in player abodes, essentially moving in and tending to gardens or even copulating with other villagers. Another thing many have observed is villagers are having difficulty navigating stairs, so players may want to place a few in front of entrances where they want to keep villagers out.

For many years, villagers in Minecraft were mostly an unnecessary addition to the game. They were quiet, did their own thing, and had no real bearing on the game itself. Now, they're much more active, interacting with player creations and roaming the world with a lot more spunk and personality. For some, this is a welcome change to make the game feel more alive, for others, the villagers have become a nuisance. Regardless of your view, the update certainly makes things more interesting and unpredictable.

As many players already know, they can make their own updates to Minecraft through mods. One that has been getting a lot of attention recently is an incredible texture pack from Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders that makes the game look gorgeous. The game is still essentially a large collection of blocks, but those blocks can look much nicer and almost realistic with this texture pack. While the upside is that this mod is available for a low price on Patreon, to actually run Minecraft with the pack installed requires powerful hardware. Still, players who have the capabilities should look into this, as it drastically changes the game's aesthetics.

In other news, the Minecraft movie now has a release date. There were rumblings in the past that the film would be released sometime this year, but Mojang and Microsoft Studios recently made an announcement that place its release much further into the future. The Minecraft film is scheduled to release March 4, 2022, so fans of the game will have to wait quite a while to see it. As of now, a director has been established, as has the overarching plot of the film. The announcement states that the movie will tell the story of a teenage girl and a group of friends saving the world from the Ender Dragon.

The Minecraft movie is set to debut on March 4, 2022.

Source: Kotaku

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