Minecraft Meets Usher and Team Fortress 2

Minecraft has become somewhat of an indie juggernaut in the past several months, and the community that has started to build around the downloadable title is nothing short of breathtaking. There have been plenty of fan-made videos hitting the Internet recently, and a couple of recent ones have really stood out as exceptional.

The videos in question are none other than a parody video of Usher featuring some pretty cool Minecraft-related animation work, and a cubed take on the ever popular Team Fortress 2.

The first video of the two is the aforementioned Usher parody – and will sound familiar to anyone who has heard the song “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” by the artist. Of course, all of the lyrics have been substituted with lines that make a little more sense inside the world of Minecraft, and fans of the beloved game are sure to appreciate the hard work that has gone into the vid. The rendered characters in the cube-tacular music video are also well done, and the effort that must have been put into making the animation run as smoothly as it does is certainly admirable.

Here is the official Minecraft Usher parody titled “Revenge”:


The second video combines Minecraft with Team Fortress 2, and the result is Team Fortcraft 2 — also known as a mod that needs to be made right now. The video combines the very best of both worlds from each video game franchise, and fans of both will surely enjoy the video. Infamous characters like the Mechanic, the Spy, and more, can all be found in their Minecraft forms – all of which look true to the source material. Each of the Team Fortress 2 characters have also had their abilities transferred over, so Mechanics can build turrets and Spies can disguise themselves as enemy players.

If this ever does become an actual Minecraft mod then hopefully it will be free-to-play just Team Fortress 2, and presumably there will then be a mod released further down the line that blocks skill-less players.

Check out the glorious hybrid, Team Fortcraft 2, below:


Both videos are prime examples of the immense fan base surrounding Minecraft, and hopefully Game Rant will be sharing more videos from both creators in the near future. More importantly, we better see more from Dan Trachtenberg and his latest Portal short film… that video was amazing.

Which song should be parodied next? What video game mash-up would you like to see?

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