'Minecraft' 1.5 Update: Weather & Achievements Video [Updated]

Minecraft 1.5 trailer

Fans of the do-it-yourself computer game Minecraft only been able to enjoy the benefits of pet wolves and cookies that came in update 1.4 since March 31st, but that hasn't stopped Mojang from prepping its 1.5 update for launch at some point next week.

The new update brings weather changes such as rain and snow into the mix, but a functional weather system isn't the only thing that accompanies update 1.5. Achievements and stats can now also be recorded and tracked, which adds even more depth to Minecraft.

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The only thing that has players saddened by the 1.5 update is the fact that there aren't very many pictures of the additional gameplay features currently circling the net. That's why it's such a relief that Notch and the rest of the gang at Mojang have felt the need to kindly fill the current void in the hearts of all Minecraft players by releasing a video of the weather and achievements that will be available in less than a week's time. The video shows off the new snow and rain mechanics, as well as the new achievement system in action, and all of it looks beyond awesome.

You can check out a video preview of Minecraft's upcoming 1.5 update below.


As you can see, the weather effects work quite nicely, and are sure to change things up in the biomes that each weather pattern appears in. Snow also seems to build up on blocks that have been cleared of the powdery white stuff, while trees give individuals some much needed shelter from the rain. The lighting effects are also pretty cool, and help make Minecraft feel more like a living, breathing world than ever before. The achievements will also add some objectives to a game that has had a "do whatever you want" philosophy since it first became available for download.

Update 1.5 adds quite a few new features, but Minecraft fanatics should prepare themselves for even more drastic changes in the coming months. The final version of Minecraft has already been given a November 11th release date, which means that there should be even more upgrades arriving in Minecraft throughout the coming months - leading up to, and even after, the official release date.

Are you looking forward to the release of Minecraft's 1.5 update this coming week? What other features would you like to see added that aren't in update 1.5?

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