Next ‘Minecraft’ Update Adds Mini-Games to ‘Realms’ Service

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It’s no surprise that Minecraft has become a breeding ground for the weird and wonderful. From its active modding community to its very existence as a game based around manipulating a world of blocks, the game has presented no shortage of new and interesting ways to play and alter the game’s world. In the upcoming 1.7.5 update, gamers can expect to not only find a series of new toys to play with, but also a simpler way to access them.

As illustrated in a recent video from Mojang, the next Minecraft update, due in March, will build upon the game’s “Realms” service. What began as a service that would allow users to host their own private worlds on official servers, will soon see the inclusion of a series of mini games that will be playable within the game’s engine. The names of the currently-announced mini games are: Cake Defense, Blocks vs. Zombies, The Walls, Autospleef and Dash of Doom, with more to come following their initial release.

While very little is currently known about these mini games, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten goes on to show in the below video that these mini games will not interfere with the existing worlds of a user’s realm. Rather, users will be able to toggle between their active world and one of the aforementioned games in the pre-world menu. This way, a server does not need to be completely reconfigured in order to allow its users to let off some steam and play a light mini game in between building sprees.

As of yet, the Minecraft Realms service is only available to those in Sweden or anyone lucky enough to have a Minecon voucher. Jeb hopes for the service to see a global release “as soon as possible” though. Considering the game has surpassed 14 million sales on PC which is the platform where this will be going live, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to guess that players will see Realms roll out worldwide alongside the March release of the 1.7.5 update.

From the creation of Flappy Bird within its engine, to the rumors of a possible Wii U releaseMinecraft is still managing to provide gamers with a sandbox of near-limitless possibilities while continuing to expand. It’s an impressive feat for a game that started out so small to have reached the level of cultural significance that it has. With the inclusion of even more ways to play, it’s obvious that Minecraft isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon.

Do you still find yourself going back to Minecraft regularly? Is there a certain popular mini game that you would like to see implemented?

The 1.7.5 update is set to go live for Minecraft on the PC sometime in March.


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Source: Team Mojang