Minecraft Update Adds Adorable Bees

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Mojang is ready to introduce the next update for Minecraft and it is sweet as can be. Minecraft Snapshot 19W34A adds bees to the open-world adventure game alongside Bee Nests, Hives, and Honey. Those who play the Java version of Minecraft can try out the new snapshot themselves, so long as they have them enabled in the Minecraft Launcher.

Everyone's likely familiar with bees in real life, but Minecraft's version of a bee is special in its own way. Bees are neutral mobs, meaning they won't hurt the player unless the player attacks first. Also like real bees, if a bee stings the player it will lose its stinger and eventually die. Bees will travel between flowers and their home, helping grow crops along the way. They can even share the location of flowers with other bees. Finally, players can breed bees using flowers.

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Bee Nests are spawned naturally in Flower Forests, Plains, and Sunflower Plains biomes. Bee Hives are crafted by players using honeycomb and wood planks. As Bees travel between flowers and Nests/Hives, the honey level inside their home will increase up to 5 levels. Players can even use campfire smoke to calm bees in their home, and then use a silk touch tool to get the block with the Bees stored inside. Using sheers on a Nest/Hive with full honey will produce a honeycomb, or Bottle to get a Honey Bottle.

Honey Bottles are delicious and can also be used to craft sugar. Honeycombs are, for the time being, only used to make a Bee Hive. And finally, Mojang has changed Dispensers so that they can now fill Bottles with either water or honey. They can also shear Honeycombs from Bee Nests and Hives. It's everything a Minecraft beekeeper needs to get started on their own Bee farm. It's a nice calm and friendly update compared to the usual Minecraft insanity.

While Minecraft's latest update isn't significantly large or going to change the way most people play, it's the perfect kind of update for a game now ten years old. While it does add a cool new feature, it's especially great because of its fun and thoughtful nature. The Bees are adorable and the way their AI works is both simple and cleverly executed. The Bees act like bees. Honey is made through mechanics that make sense. And the introduction of Bees makes the world of Minecraft better without forcing players to change the way they play. It's another great day for Minecraft.

Bees are currently only available in the Java version of Minecraft via the game's latest snapshot. Expect news about when the update will come to other versions of Minecraft in the future.

Minecraft is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices, as well as other platforms.

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