What We Want From The Minecraft 1.5 Update

Minecraft 1.5 Update Requests

The crew at Mojang released the 1.4 update a few days ago which added pet wolves and few minor tweaks (read our complete Minecraft 1.4 update guide for more). What it didn't bring however, was the complete achievements system which we know will release with the Minecraft 1.5 update.

So, along with achievements, what is coming or should come with the next Minecraft patch? Game Rant Minecraft master John Jacques and I have listed a few of the tweaks we've heard may come soon as well as some we'd like to see implemented in the very near future.

We've read your comments and heard your concerns about the lengthy time in between updates the the lack of added content/upgrades in general, but we've also heard some of your suggestions for what comes next for Minecraft. While we have an extensive list of big picture ideas we'd love to see implemented in the future before Minecraft hits full release, we'll focus on five little updates we expect or desire to be added as soon as Minecraft Update 1.5:


Notch and co. have been at work, setting up stat-tracking and a relatively in-depth achievement system for Minecraft but were unable to get it out in time for the 1.4 update. It should come in the next incremental patch or the next full update (let's hope we're not waiting a full month).


The tamable wolves were a fun and lovable update to Minecraft but some users have experienced issues with getting them to pass through doorways and worse, disappearing entirely upon exiting the game and re-loading a save.

We'd like to see the wolf feature polished and something fun added, like pet naming and alternate skins to keep track of your wolfpack and add some variety.


Half-blocks are essential for detailing those massive structures and in making easily traversable stairwells and hills, but when you stack them, they're a pain in the butt to take apart with a mining pick as it'll break them two at a time, instead of just the top one.

What if you could hold right-click when mining, and you'd only mind half of the block away?

Milk & Cookies

A very minor addition to Minecraft with the last patch was cookies. It's nothing special, as it's the same mechanic as making bread, but the problem is that you need cocoa beans to craft the delicious baked goods... an item that doesn't grow naturally in the game outside of dungeon quests. C'mon, let's add cocoa plants.

We also think it'd be a neat idea to be able to bottle milk and use to restore health.


The randomly generated dungeons are one of the most fun bits of Minecraft to set yourself up on little adventures and treasure hunts, but they're getting old and stale. Let's add some variety to the shape and size of dungeons, paving the way for multi-room dungeons in the future. This is the one significant change we want implemented in the next update.


The boating system is somewhat broken. It can be difficult and frustrating to exit the boat and its controls are problematic at times, leading to exploding boats due to their fragility. We'd like to see those polished off so we don't have to carry spare boats in our pocket.


For the most part, these are minor and sometimes obvious updates but that's all we expect from the next Minecraft patch. Unfortunately, the bigger picture things like a vast improvement to mobs (bird, mountable horses, etc.) just don't seem to be in the cards, despite the impressive user community mods which offer this content. They should really hire these modders with money Minecraft is making.

We'll talk more about mobs, NPCs, craftable items like larger multi-person boats, etc. that we want in the game later. For now, share what little tweaks you'd like to see be added to Minecraft right away.


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