Twitch Streamer xQc Gets Scared After Seeing Man in His Window While Streaming

Ever since his departure from the Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel, pro player and Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has kept a low profile, well, mostly anyway. He was recently temporarily banned from Twitch for watching porn that was marked "Safe for Work," yet it still went on to show a few stills of certain body parts. Now, "xQc" is making headlines again for his reaction to seeing a man outside his window.

During a Minecraft stream, xQc looked up to see a man standing outside his window. Viewers can see the shadow of what appears to be a squeegee being raised over his window. Clearly alarmed, xQc rushes out of his room, looking for his housemate, fellow Twitch streamer "adeptthebest." It's clear that he can't find her when he returns to his computer and calls her, but not before someone in chat asked if it was someone cleaning his windows. "I don’t think we’ve had anybody like wash the f**king windows, dude" was his response.


When adeptthebest answers the phone, it's clear that xQc is still alarmed, but eventually, he accepts her explanation. It turns out that the man outside his window was the pest control guy, who was there to spray the property and prevent bugs from getting into the home. xQc would also ask about the stick that he was holding, to which adeptthebest answered that he was likely getting nests or spider webs.

While the story took a turn for the humorous, xQc was likely right to be wary of his surroundings during a stream. Bugha, who recently won the Fortnite World Cup, was recently swatted while playing Fortnite, an unfortunate reality related to online play. Luckily, Bugha knew one of the police offers sent to his house, so everything turned out fine. That said, this isn't always the case, as severe injuries and deaths have come from swatting incidents.

Stalking, death threats, and other equally detestable acts have come about because of a streamer's popularity or activity online, making xQc's seemingly irrational fear make sense. Hopefully, the rest of his Minecraft Twitch stream went on without incident.

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Source: Dexerto

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