GR Pick: Minecraft Fan Film 'The Last Minecart'

Minecraft The Last Minecart Fan Film

Everyone has heard of Minecraft by now, the online sensation that takes a world of cubes, crafting and zombies, then hands the reins over to the users. Everyone is also aware that zombie titles have become somewhat commonplace over the past few years, with Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, and the upcoming Dead Island just to name a few. But the zombies in Minecraft are very different creatures, mainly because of the unique nature of the world itself.

The zombies of Minecraft have now been given their time in the spotlight with the fan film 'The Last Minecart.'  Post-apocalyptic films aren't exactly a breath of fresh air either, but this combination of Minecraft and The Walking Dead may even catch the attention of a few money-hungry Hollywood executives.

We've seen a number of films made by fans to commemorate a particular game or series, and some have proven to be works of art. With Minecraft alone, we've seen the imagination of the game's players spread beyond the realm of gaming, with homages to both Predator and Halo 2's multiplayer.

But whether you're a diehard Minecraft player or just a fan of a good zombie survival story, 'The Last Minecart' is undeniably awesome.

Check out the film's way of combining real world horror with the most innovative game of 2010 now:


Need a bit more pixellated awesomness and Minecraft-style destruction? Take a look at the film's 'Diamond Grenade' deleted scene:


Whatever you're in the mood for, 'The Last Minecart' has got it. Pixellated gore? Check. Amazing gunfights? Check. Grown men running around in cardboard suits? Check. Aside from helping thousands of people decide what they'll dress up as for Halloweeen, this fan film raises a lot of questions.

Where does Minecraft's influence on gaming culture and awesomeness stop? The title still isn't even close to a retail release, and it has already affirmed its place in pop culture. The merchandise alone has to be bringing in some major revenue, and the game's best days are possibly still ahead of it.

There's nowhere to go but up, and we can only hope that a Minecraft-style zombie serial is in the works somewhere along the line.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have some box-suits to make.

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