Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Doesn't Support Single Joy-Con Play

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Since the game's release, Minecraft has managed to make its way onto nearly every video gaming device under the sun, and its release for the newly-launched Switch further adds to its roster. However, gamers looking to pick up the title should be warned that the port of the game does not support single Joy-Con play, meaning that more controllers may be required than some may initially expect.

As it turns out, Minecraft players all require the use of two Joy-Cons or the Switch Pro Controller. Unfortunately, this means that those who were looking for one-handed local multiplayer fun might need to think about getting some more controllers in.

Aside from this, however, it seems as though the game's local co-op more than holds its own. Even when in three- or four-person split screen, the game's frame rate still stays steady, which is no doubt good reading for those planning to pick up Minecraft with a view to enjoying some local multiplayer action.


All in all, this port of Minecraft (which comes from 4J Studios) certainly seems to be a solid investment for those who have yet to purchase the game in another format. There are considerable improvements over the Wii U version of the title, for instance, with substantially larger game worlds an enticing draw for those after a larger open canvas to get creative.

It's certainly another good step for the Minecraft franchise, as if the popularity of the Switch thus far keeps up then it will provide a much larger user base than the Wii U. Although Minecraft sold well on the Switch, as one of the most popular third-party titles on the system, no doubt the phenomenon will be able to grow even further with the potential of the Switch.

However, it's unlikely that console ports are the only thing that is being planned when it comes to the future of Minecraft. Recently, Phil Spencer visited Mojang to get a glimpse at what's coming to Minecraft in the future, and his cryptic message that it was "very cool" no doubt suggests that there could be a significant update on the way.

Minecraft is out today via the Nintendo Switch store, with a physical release planned at a later date.

Source: ArsTechnica

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