Minecraft Shows Up in Skyrim While A Creeper Gets Autopsied

Skyrim Minecraft Easter Egg


MineCon happens this weekend and we just found out from the game's creator, Notch, that the game has officially gone gold. That was done through Twitter, but that's okay. That's how it works and what is official for fans of the indie success story.

Originally announced for release alongside The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim on 11-11-11, Minecraft was delayed one week so developer Mojang could fully launch the game alongside the first ever Minecraft convention: MineCon. How funny it would have been to see the two companies, engaged in a legal battle over the use of the word "Scrolls" as the title of Mojang's next game, release their games on the same day, especially since they both (now) feature dragons as the big baddie.

Legal disputes to protect trademarks aside, the crew at Mojang love The Elder Scrolls series and Notch is playing it himself. After talking to a rep from Bethesda, the devs there are all fans of Minecraft as well. In the end, we're all gamers who appreciate both products so it's a shame legalities can dampen the mood.

It's not totally taking away from the fun however, as Bethesda did include a bit of a Minecraft easter egg in Skyrim, a game we consider to be a Game of the Year contender. The biggest mountain in the northern Tamriel province of Skyrim is called the "Throat of the World" - it has more than one meaning in the lore but players will have to traverse this massive landscape during the game's main quest more than once.

At the very tip of the mountain is a "Notched Pickaxe," Notched of course referring to Minecraft creator "Notch" and the pickaxe being the tool of choice in that game.


Nothing like a fun little Easter Egg to compliment a dev and give a wink to fans of both games.

In other Minecraft related news, have you ever wondered what makes the game's poster boy creature tick? And we mean tick literally as in a time bomb?

Creepers, a mob that originated from a failed 3D pig model, have become a sensation on the internet. There are webcomics, t-shirts and plushies all available based on Minecraft's scariest yet most interesting creature. When one hears the "Sssssss," one knows some blocks are about to explode. Just how do Creepers work though? This autopsy explains what makes a Creeper tick... and go boom.


Will you be playing Skyrim or the full version of Minecraft this holiday season?


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