Whether you loved or loathed its recent seasons, Matt Groening’s The Simpsons remains an iconic cultural touchstone. With hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, and a merchandizing arm as long as that of Mr. Fantastic, Homer’s yellow-faced odyssey is the yardstick by which all other enduring successes are measured.

One such success is Mojang’s Minecraft title, an ever evolving, block building franchise that’s eating up playtime on every system conceivable. With an enthusiastic mass following, a cultish level of devotion, and a growing line of Minecraft merchandise, this little indie-effort that could may one day be considered The Simpsons‘ video gaming equal.

For now, Notch’s billion-dollar brainchild will have to be content with appearing in The Simpsons‘ season 25(!) episode ‘Luca$.’ As the sole focus of the episode’s opening couch gag, the Creeper-beating title lends its distinctive looks to the Simpson family, as well as their hometown of Springfield. Famous faces and places include Moe, Krusty the Clown, the flaming tire yard, and of course — 742 Evergreen Terrace.

To check out the full, half-minute intro, hit the video above (courtesy of YouTube user ‘TotalGamingCoUK‘) or view the episode in its entirety here (regional restrictions apply).

Minecraft Simpsons Intro Header

Responding to the episode’s airing, Minecraft creator Markus Persson tweeted his disbelief at the game’s continued level of success.

While the sight of a pixellated Simpsons clan was certainly an unexpected treat, this isn’t the first time the beloved series has adopted a new look intro. Recent parodies have included an interesting nod towards Game of Thrones‘ clockwork opening, as well as a Robot Chicken spoof and a thought-provoking Banksy piece decrying sweatshop labor.

What do you make of this creative crossover? Is an appearance on The Simpsons still the ultimate measure of success? What other games should the series try to parody? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest Mojang news, right here on Game Rant.

Minecraft is now available for PC, Mac, Java, Android, iOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. PS4 and Xbox One iterations are expected to launch later this year.

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Source: Polygon