Minecraft Shire Server

The Minecraft phenomenon has captured the imaginations of millions of gamers, garnering the series over 33 million sales across all platforms and inspiring countless creations. A few days ago, a user posted several photos from a Minecraft server over 2 years old which details the works of several combined artists over the course of many Minecraft versions.

The creations on this server vary in skill level and size, but it’s extraordinary to see such a combination of artworks created from something that started as a simple java programming test. With Twitch streaming coming soon to both PC and Mac versions of the game, gamers will likely be able to watch as the newer buildings are created.

Entitled The Shire, the 64-player server has a series of dedicated moderators and administrators to keep griefing to a minimum, but anyone is welcome to join and start building at their own pace.

The server has its own intricate railway network plotted throughout the map in a series of subway lines and platforms, with each destination having its own name. Ranging from simple location names like ‘Opera House’ all the way to things like ‘Alqualonde’, ┬áriding down these rails on the longstanding server is sure to impress even the most veteran builders.

Here’s a few of the images from the server itself, with the full gallery available here.

The Shire server uses the in-game warp function, so gamers can log in and warp to locations based upon the building names. Players can reach the server itself by entering ‘play.shirecraft.us’, and entering a warp command to any of the supported buildings will get them there instantly. Whilst travelling across this landscape is sure to reveal plenty of hidden and not-so-hidden creations, sometimes travelling on a minecart for twenty minutes isn’t the best way to manage time.

To view an interactive map of the server in its entirety, interested folks can click here. The map not only includes the lines for the subway transit system, but also displays any in-game players and even the live chat happening on the historic sever. You can else check out the official Shire Website here.

They also consistently host themed contests for builders, and are currently preparing a Christmas Themed competition. Interested gamers can always hop onto the server to join the competition, whilst an official posting is coming soon. We here at Game Rant think it’s a really great way to encourage creative building!

What do you think, Ranters? Are you impressed by the builds on the server or do you prefer smaller, quieter environments?

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