Minecraft Sales Hit 20 Million

Minecraft has certainly proven to be a non-stop sales force ever since Notch released purchasable alpha editions online, and that trend is evidently continuing. As the Xbox 360 edition passed over 5 million sales earlier this month, sales for both PC and mobile versions of Minecraft have kept a steady pace – and have recently passed an impressive milestone as a result.

Current Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten (best known by his online name, Jeb) shared through Twitter today the sudden realization that the game has passed the 20 million sales milestone. Taking into consideration the 5 million Xbox sales and combining those with both PC-based sales of around 9 million and Pocket Edition sales of 7.3 million, the series evidently passed that barrier at least a few weeks ago without anyone at the studio realizing.

Impressively, sales for the Minecraft Pocket Edition jumped by 2.3 million within the last two months. Available for $6.99, the affordable on-the-go edition may face limited features in comparison to the PC edition, but evidently a fair number of gamers have an urge to continue building while they’re out of the house. The Pocket Edition is available on iOS and a wide-variety of Android devices, including the Kindle Fire. While we’re certain the Kindle isn’t the biggest Minecraft sales generator, every little bit counts.

With sales still going at an impressive pace over two years after Minecraft’s initial release, it’s safe to say that Mojang can continue producing updates without worrying about its budget. Notch, the original creator of the game, is still working on his java-based space title 0x10c, though he hasn’t revealed much about his project as of late.

Minecraft is still getting frequent updates on each platform, with the 1.4.6 update being the most current release on PC and Mac. Fans can expect the redstone-centric update announced during MineCon 2012 to be released soon, featuring a variety of new items including redstone blocks, hoppers, trap chests and weighted pressure plates.

Minecraft is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.

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Source: @Jeb_