PlayStation France Says 'Minecraft' PS4 Releases Tomorrow; Hits Xbox One Friday

Minecraft Hits PS4 Tomorrow

Ever since its official release back in 2011, Mojang's brick-based adventure title Minecraft has been quickly dominating the gaming world. The title is available on almost every platform under the sun, and yet fans continue to scoop up every single iteration – from console to mobile – where possible. However, there are still a few territories left unclaimed by Minecraft, although that will change very soon…maybe even sooner than we thought.

Just today, news surfaced that the PS4 version of Minecraft was primed for release after he digital version of the title appeared (albeit mistakenly) on the mobile PlayStation Store. The digital version carried a retail price of $20, but any attempts to purchase a copy led to an error page. Shortly after the discovery, PlayStation France then confirmed that, yes, Minecraft should hit the platform on September 3rd.

The French publisher did not mention, however, whether or not physical copies of Minecraft PS4 will release alongside the digital versions. We also don't know if this digital release is for France only, or if it will accommodate gamers around the world.

For those French speakers out there:


For that matter, it also seems strange that Sony would not have a fully-fledged announcement prepped for this release. Minecraft has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, and yet it is PlayStation France's Twitter account that confirms the release date? Perhaps, Sony is scrambling to put something together as we speak, or maybe somebody spoke out of turn.

Either way, the good news is that Minecraft is on its way to the next-gen, and fans have yet another way to enjoy their favorite game. For a bit there it seemed like Minecraft might not make it to the platform, as 4J Studios reported they were having problems getting through the certification process, but clearly any of those issues have now been worked out.

Similarly, the Xbox One version of Minecraft is making its way through Microsoft's certification process, and should be out before the end of the year. That would then leave only Nintendo's platforms as the sole territories left unclaimed by the Minecraft giant.

Update:  Microsoft announced that Minecraft: Xbox One Edition releases Friday and players can purchase and download for$19.99 USD or upgrade from the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for $4.99. The Xbox One version supports worlds that are 36 times larger than on Xbox 360, the ability to transfer over downloadable content previously purchased for the Xbox 360 edition, the widest range of downloadable content on console (you sadly, have to pay for this where it's free on PC), and the chance to explore these worlds with four player split-screen on one console or up to eight players over Xbox Live.

Are you looking forward to Minecraft's release on the newer consoles?

Minecraft reportedly hits the PS4 on September 3, 2014.

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