PlayStation gamers have oft felt left behind from the Minecraft phenomenon, which has had console exclusivity on Microsoft platforms since the initial Xbox Arcade last year. Now that the holidays are approaching, PS3 gamers will be happy to hear that Minecraft will finally be available on the PSN beginning December 17th, 2013.

Mojang had previously stated that once Microsoft’s console exclusivity contract was expired, they’d like to see the block-building game jump to into the Sony market as well – including PS4 and Vita, which are expected to be released sometime in 2014. When asked what the PS3 and Vita editions would cost, a Mojang employee named Own Hill responded that they had no final answers yet.

The PlayStation 3 edition of Minecraft will be on par with the Xbox 360 edition, meaning both games are quite far behind development in terms of what is offered on the PC. However, both console editions will be developed in tandem, meaning they should release the same updates in a similar time frame going forward. Likewise, skin and texture packs will eventually make their way over to the PSN, though it is still unknown if there will be any exclusive content.

Mojang couldn’t confirm if the PS3 edition will support remote play, which would make the infamously addictive title gobble up even more free-time from players. Seeing as the game releases on the PSN tomorrow, it might be a feature intended for a later update if the company isn’t commenting for today.

Minecraft PS3 Edition

The Xbox 360 edition itself has now surpassed over 10 million sales, indicating that console sales are quickly catching up on PC sales themselves – Notch recently confirmed the PC edition reached 13 million sales this week. Several months ago, the total Minecraft sales had already passed 33 million, which means the company will likely break the 50 million landmark sometime next year as it expands to more platforms.

Since 360 owners can transfer their save files to the Xbox One, the newer generation might receive a good sales boost too once Minecraft comes out for Xbox One. To celebrate the console sales landmark, Xbox Live held a surprise sale on the 14th where members could get 50% off of skin and texture packs. Hopefully this sale comes back in larger duration, and with more pomp and circumstance.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you excited for see Minecraft reach the PS3?

As previously mentioned, Minecraft will be available on the PlayStation 3 on December 17th, 2013.

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