‘Minecraft’ Sells 1 Million Copies on PS3

By | 3 years ago 

In case anybody was wondering whether Minecraft would find success on literally every platform it is available on, the answer is yes. Mojang‘s juggernaut franchise has proved it is nigh on unstoppable, and has the impressive sales numbers to back up those claims.

Minecraft‘s latest commercial achievement concerns the game’s recent release on PS3, one of the last platforms that didn’t support the game. However, it wasn’t long before Minecraft for PS3 joined the rest of its brethren by hitting 1 million copies sold in a short amount of time.

Mojang confirmed the sales numbers on their official site, and shared their excitement over Minecraft dominating yet another platform. What’s more impressive is that Minecraft for PS3 hit the 1 million mark less than a month after release. Clearly, there were a lot of PlayStation gamers out there who were eager to dive into this massive gaming craze, or maybe they just wanted to complete their Minecraft collection.

Whatever the case, it’s hard to deny Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, beyond just video games. The game has sold tens of millions of copies across dozens of platforms, from mobile to PC, and has become the tool with which gamers can craft dozens of amazing re-creations. Just take a look at something like the Minecraft re-creation of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones and tell us you’re not impressed.

Minecraft isn’t showing any signs of stopping either, as Mojang continues to release regular and rather substantial updates for the game. A recent update, number 1.7.4, added Twitch streaming into the PC version’s core feature set, making sharing with friends even easier.

However, what the future holds for Minecraft isn’t entirely clear. We know the title will make the jump to next-gen, specifically on Xbox One, and there are rumors of a Wii U version. But what about future iterations on Minecraft, or the next evolution of Mojang’s game? We will likely get the answers to those questions at some point, but not while Minecraft is still pulling in crazy sales numbers.

Have you tried out Minecraft on the PS3? Which is your preferred platform for block-based building and adventuring?

Source: Mojang