No Plans to Bring 'Minecraft' to the PS Vita

Minecraft Not Coming to PlayStation Vita

Mojang's Minecraft is one of the biggest games currently available on computers and smart phones, and its popularity has propelled the blockbuster title into earning an Xbox 360 exclusive release later this Spring. While Microsoft will have a Minecraft monopoly on home consoles, handheld devices are still eligible to receive the cube-filled hit.

Since the game made its portable debut on Sony's Xperia Play, with a rather decent amount of success, fans were probably hoping that the game would make the jump to Sony's upcoming PS Vita. Unfortunately, it's recently been confirmed that Mojang currently has "no plans" to bring the hit indie game to Vita.

This news surfaced after Eurogamer scored a web chat session with Mojang's Daniel Kaplan yesterday, where they probed the developer with questions regarding the potential appearance of Minecraft on the PlayStation Vita. Kaplan's answer may be mildly devastating to those who really wanted to experience the game on a dedicated handheld gaming device, but he never ruled out the possibility of a port of the title coming sometime in the future.

Daniel was quick to confirm that Mojang's support for handheld platforms isn't going away anytime soon however, as he confirmed that their next release, Scrolls is "definitely coming for touch screens." So, while the controversy-filled Scrolls will likely see release on a vast majority of mobile platforms, Mojang's first third-party published title, Cobalt, may not make the jump. "Don't know about that. The controls don't fit the touch screen," stated Daniel Kaplan regarding the possibility of Cobalt being ported to mobile devices.

It's possible that Minecraft could be ported to the Vita, and maybe even the 3DS (some already got a hacked version of Minecraft working on the 3DS), at some point, but fans hoping to get their dose of Minecraft on the go will likely have to stick to the recently updated iOS and Android apps for the time being.


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Source: Eurogamer

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