GR Pick: ‘Minecraft Portal’ Trailer and Gameplay Footage

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Minecraft continues to thrive as a go-to platform for recreating iconic franchises with thousands of cubic blocks. As a result, it’s not surprise that the Minecraft community is taking-on one of the most beloved game franchises on the market right now – Valve’s puzzle-adventure (for science) Portal.

That’s right game-fans, get ready for Minecraft Portal.

Hot on the heels of Minecraft recreations such as Halocraft (a quasi-FPS versus mode) and Minecraft Predator (a short film combining grass blocks and invisible aliens), YouTube user “MinecraftMapCenter” has painstakingly recreated the first four test chambers from the original Portal game – in the Minecraft world.

MinecraftMapCenter has uploaded two trailers as well as two gameplay footage reels to YouTube – which you can view below.

Check out Minecraft Portal trailer 1 and 2:



Portal, more than most games, is well-suited for the Minecraft experience – since most of the test chambers are environmental puzzles without dynamic AI enemies running around, reacting to the player’s actions. This is not meant to be a slam on Minecraft Portal by any means – on the contrary, our hats are tipped to MinecraftMapCenter for picking a game franchise that truly takes advantage of the tools and game experience Minecraft provides – not just recreating half-functional versions of popular titles. Minecraft Portal not only looks like an 8-Bit version of Portal, it functions nearly-exactly like the original title – as well as retains the same humorous imagery and one-liners.

Check out the first and second chapter of Minecraft Portal below:



If you’re interested in checking out Minecraft Portal (after you play-through our texture mod recommendations) you can download MinecraftMapCenter’s maps at the links below:

  • Chapter 1:
  • Chapter 2:

MinecraftMapCenter also offers the following advice for anyone having trouble with the downloads:

Alot of people are getting confused on the download. There is a 5 sec counter in the top right corner. After that you are clear for download.

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Minecraft is currently in beta – with a scheduled “public” release on November 11, 2011.

Source: MinecraftMapCenter