'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' Sells 30 Million

Minecraft Pocket Edition 30 Million Sales

Much to the surprise of very few, Minecraft is still as wildly popular as ever. The now Microsoft-owned survival/block-building simulator has been a tremendous success for several years now, and its latest arrival on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is evidence that there are an ample number of future sales still to be made. While console and PC users alike have been enjoying the game for quite some time already, Windows phone users just recieved the game this past December.

The studio responsible for continuously building the Minecraft property, Mojang, has yet to confirm how many Windows Phone-related sales have contributed to the pool of existing Minecraft: Pocket Edition sales. That said, the developer did announce that the mobile version of the block-tastic builder has moved a whopping 30 million units thus far. At last count, this iteration of Minecraft had moved over 21 million intangible units as of April 2014, which means that it has roughly amassed a further 9 million sold in the months proceeding.

Announcing the sales milestone alongside the confirmation that players can now change their in-game names, shows that Mojang isn't done supporting the title yet. Understandably excited about the impressive sales milestone, Mojang released an infographic on its official website that showcases just how large of a number 30 million really is.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Sales Infographic

While number is impressive, the addition of new skins based on The Simpsons for Xbox users only further demonstrates that more content is en route for fans of the now iconic franchise. That said, an announcement pertaining to the next major update for the core Minecraft title on both PC and consoles is nowhere to be found, but that'll hopefully change in the not-too-distant future.

That said, with additional items like TellTale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode and, hopefully, a Minecraft film on the horizon, there's a lot to look forward to for followers of the beloved IP. Of course, the main appeal of the series will always be the core game itself, so the sooner fans can get an update on what to expect next for franchise the better. For now, however, keep it parked on Game Rant for more news on the future of Minecraft as soon as it becomes available.

Are you one of the many proud owners of Minecraft: Pocket Edition? What owould you like to see added to the mobile version of the game? Get at us in the comments.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

Source: Mojang

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