Minecraft Pocket Edition Major Update

It’s been almost two years since Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released to mobile phone users around the world, and though gamers have been able to mine on the go for quite some time, they’re miles behind when it comes to updates in comparison to the PC or even Xbox versions of the game.

Despite this, Mojang has announced that Pocket Edition has sold an impressive 10 million units worldwide, which has prompted the developer to concentrate on a major upcoming announcement for the mobile edition which will feature experimental content.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s sales can’t be aren’t very far behind the computer version of the game, which had 9 million sales as of January. With such massive and consistent sales, it may justify why Notch has a spot on the Most Influential Person in the World Poll by Time Magazine.

The first mobile update is scheduled for the end of May, and will feature improvements like the ability to change settings without exiting to the main menu, as well as the belated introduction of buckets! While both of those are long overdue, Mojang will also be implementing experimental features to iOS and high-end Android phones, which will allow them to test out features on an array of cellular devices before attempting to push those updates out to less than cutting-edge mobile phones. Jeb was tight-lipped on what these so called ‘experimental features’ would be, so gamers will have to wait with baited breath for any kind of update in that regard.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Aside of this, Mojang has evidently been hard at work building Minecraft Realms, which is essentially a cloud-based server system designed to allow a few friends can play online at any time without worrying about random strangers joining the game or hosting their own server. Meanwhile, Mojang has put in place a mobile edition of this cloud service entitled Pocket Realms that’ll allow those playing from phones to get in on the action and start building a world with other mobile buddies.

Eventually this subscription-based service will cost around $10 a month, but Mojang has been known to test out new features before charging for them — a move that’s made die hard fans of the indie dev quite happy. It’s for this very reason that a small amount of servers will be put up for grabs, and will be given away for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those looking to snag one would be wise to actively follow Jeb’s Twitter, as he’s been the leading man for the Minecraft brand for a while now and will likely be giving them away in the not-too-distant future.

It’s been a long road for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The mobile version first came to android, and was released many months later to a block-hungry iOS market, where it rocketed to first place on the sales charts. Minecraft: Pocket Edition even made the move over to the Kindle Fire not that long ago, which was a delightful gesture for consumers that actively use their Amazon-built tablet.

What do you think, Ranters? Have you emptied your pockets for the Pocket Edition? Are you excited for the forthcoming update?

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Source: Joystiq