A group of Minecraft builders are attempting to recreate the entirety of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V in the game and offer up an impressive video of its downtown region.

To anyone with even a cursory awareness of the subject matter contained within both titles, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V would seem like two games with very different audiences. However, a group of dedicated players are embarking on a project to re-create the setting of Los Santos in the cube-filled world of Minecraft.

YouTube user N11cK is working with a group of friends to produce a 1:1 scale version of the Grand Theft Auto V map — and that’s no small endeavour. Even though there’s plenty left to build, the portion of the game’s downtown area that’s already been completed looks very impressive indeed.

The skyscrapers of Los Santos have been painstakingly reproduced, with both their architecture and smaller details like signage being represented perfectly. Less urban portions of the map are still under construction, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the likes of Mt. Chiliad look when completed.

N11cK apparently started off by building protagonist Michael De Santa’s home — a location that will be very familiar to anyone that’s played Grand Theft Auto V. Impressed with the way that the luxury mansion turned out, he quickly decided that the rest of the game’s map should follow, even if he’d need plenty of help.

It’s no secret that Minecraft players are a creative bunch, but there are plenty of active imaginations in the Grand Theft Auto fanbase, too. Between video parodies like the recently released Hotline Bling clip and the multitude of mods that have been released for the game, there’s no shortage of user-created content.

Indeed, many Grand Theft Auto V fans feel relegated to creating their own experiences, since it seems that Rockstar has little intention of releasing any story DLC. Players will continue their requests — and voice actors will likely carry on hinting — but the studio is seemingly standing its ground.

Comparatively, there’s more to be excited about in the immediate future for Minecraft fans. Microsoft clearly considers the franchise to be its golden goose, showcasing its upcoming Hololens technology with the game and announcing a new education-centric version of the game.

While there’s no timeline on how long it will take N11cK and his team to complete this project, the finished map will apparently span 7500 blocks by 7500 blocks. It remains to be seen whether this build will be completed before Rockstar finishes up Grand Theft Auto VI.

Minecraft is available now for PC, mobile platforms, and most hardware released in the past decade.

Source: Kotaku