'Minecraft' Video Shows Pet Wolves Are In The Works

Minecraft Pet Wolf Wolves Video

If you thousands upon thousands of Minecraft players haven't been quite satisfied with the cubic creation tools given to you by the game's developer Mojang, rest assured that they still have plenty to deliver. Those of you who find the lush worlds of the game's online community a bit, well, lonely can allow your hopes to rise, as a brand new video released by one of Minceraft's developers shows that pet wolves are currently under production.

The video explains that the fluffy little animals are still a 'work in progress,' but the actual mechanics seem fairly well-polished. It's obvious that the white wolves love the water, raw meat and bones, and are as dangerous as they are lovable.

Aside from embodying all of the cutest characteristics of their canine cousins - wagging tails, inquisitive stares, sitting for a treat - they're also capable of obeying their master's commands, taking down a herd of cows with ease.

Although the 'wolfies' have yet to be given any sound effects, the potential for companion animals and pets in the game's future has become quite clear.

Have a look for yourself at the companion wolves in action in Minecraft Beta 1.4:


It's no secret that Minecraft is still in its Beta phase, and yet to receive an official retail release, but that isn't keeping the developers from looking to the future. Mojang's PC title has taken the internet by storm, with follow-up titles on the iPhone, even modern consoles being considered by the team. But for you PC fans, there's obviously no need to worry that the sudden success will steal the development team's attention away from the game itself.

With more and more updates coming all the time, and guides needed just to keep up, Minecraft's creator Notch doesn't look to be slowing down one bit. While some had assumed that Minecraft would be in more or less the same form when it was finally deemed 'finished,' this latest wolf video paints a different picture.

New animals or companions could have serious ramifications on production and harvesting, or amount to little more than aesthetic items purchased through microtransaction. Not a bad idea, and hopefully just the first of many.

What do you think of the addition of pet wolves to Minecraft? Would you be willing to pay a few extra dollars for a trusty companion of your own?

Minecraft is currently still in its Beta phase, slowly working towards a retail release in the future.

Source: PC Gamer

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