‘Minecraft’ PC Hits 14 Million Sold, Recreated in ‘Project Spark’ and ‘Super Mario 64’

By | 3 years ago 

Any regular readers of Game Rant will be well aware of Minecraft‘s popularity among the casual and hardcore. Not only has Mojang’s brick-based title sold gangbusters across multiple consoles, it has also fueled a cultural phenomenon.

Yet, the king of them all still remains Minecraft on the PC, which we have just learned hit yet another milestone. Since transitioning out of beta two years ago, the PC version of Minecraft has tallied more than 14 million copies sold.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson broke the news on Twitter in his usual nonchalant manner, and then proclaimed his affections for LEGO Marvel Superheroes. He’s likely pretty happy about Minecraft‘s overwhelming success, but at this point news of the title’s sales success arrives about once a month.

Still, the good news is that Minecraft isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. Just recently the title crossed the 1 million mark on PS3, and did so within the first month of release. There are still a few platforms left untouched by Minecraft, like the Wii U, the Vita, and the 3DS, as well as an already planned Xbox One version, but we don’t expect that will last too long.

Like was previously mentioned, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring everything from T-shirts to replica diamond swords. However, the most direct odes to Minecraft are, of course, video game related. Some may have seen the stunning recreations made in the world of Minecraft, but the title’s reach also expands outside of its own game.

For example, Microsoft‘s new game creation title Project Spark has found its first Minecraft-inspired level, and the title is own in private beta. You can check that level out in the video below:

As well, one crafty modder has found a way to create a Minecraft level for Super Mario 64, and then went and put said level into a modded version of the 3DS re-release. It’s a little basic but the potential is certainly there.

While it may seem like the Minecraft “fad” has run its course, there is clearly no end in sight for Mojang‘s franchise. What isn’t quite as clear, however, is where the franchise might go in the future. Sure, regular updates for the PC and console versions are nice, but we’re curious to know how the franchise evolves.

How many hours have you dedicated to the phenomenon that is Minecraft? What do you think the future holds for the franchise?

Source: Markus Persson, Reddit