Minecraft Flies Past 20 Million Copies Sold On PC

By | 1 year ago 

Minecraft Birthday

Minecraft, the wildly popular sandbox title from Mojang, has been a force to be reckoned with ever since the alpha version originally released on the PC back in 2009. Since that time, the title has managed to release on almost every platform under the sun including consoles, handhelds, and even a pocket version for people who want to create on mobile devices.

The sales juggernaut that is Minecraft shows no signs of slowing down, as news recently broke that the sandbox title recently raced past more sales milestones.

After Mojang’s official stats tracker passed by the 20 million copies sold mark on PC alone, business developer Daniel Kaplan took to Twitter to make the official announcement to fans.

At the time of this post, sales for the popular PC version of the game have reached 20,005,729 copies. At the same time, a staggering 10,363 copies of the PC version of Minecraft have been sold in the past 24 hours alone.

The PC sales numbers reached an impressive 14 million copies sold by April of this year, but have continued to rise steadily these past few months alone. It goes without saying that Microsoft’s Windows 10 initiative and Hololens device demos have more than likely helped sales on both Xbox and PC platforms. Last May, Mojang revealed that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions have over 20 million users, an impressive feat for any title.

While the PC version has been active the longest, the sales numbers are no doubt impressive, placing Minecraft alongside legendary, genre defining titles like Super Mario Bros. Combined with console and mobile sales of the game, Microsoft’s purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang last year for 2.5 billion dollars seems like a wise investment.

Big things appear to be coming to Minecraft as just recently Microsoft showed off a stage demo using their Hololens device during a Minecraft play session during their E3 press conference. To the surprise of the crowd, the user was able to see the world virtually created in front of them, showing a centralized and easily scrollable view point for the user.

Source: Minecraft Stats Tracker