Minecraft for Nintendo Switch Gets a Release Date


Announced prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Minecraft quickly became one of the more anticipated games coming to the newly released hardware. Indeed, the thought of a full Minecraft game made mobile is an enticing premise for Nintendo fans – albeit one already explored on the PlayStation Vita – but the house of Mario finally announced that Switch owners can expect to see the once-indie darling arrive on the hardware on May 11, 2017.

The news came during the latest Nintendo Direct, but the scheduled debut of Minecraft on Switch wasn't the only thing touched on during the presentation. The Big N also confirmed that the Super Mario mash-up pack which debuted in the Wii U rendition of the game will also be appearing on the Nintendo Switch version. This pack features a number of Mushroom Kingdom-inspired character skins and environments, all of which look rather swank when rendered in the trademark blocky aesthetic of the game in question.


Minecraft wasn't the only title to gain an official launch day during the Direct presentation either, with the hotly anticipated Splatoon 2 receiving a release date as well. All in all, things are continuing to look up for consumers that picked up the Switch console shortly after its debut this past March, with a bevy of games arriving in the coming months to occupy the time of those that invested in the platform.

Now, whether or not Minecraft for Nintendo Switch will support the newly announced Minecraft Marketplace is still to be determined, but at least eager builders/Nintendo owners now have a date in May that they can mark on their calendars. Hopefully this trend of continuously dropping content on the console will carry on well into 2018, but for not the software lined up until Holiday 2017 is sure to be enough to keep gamers playing their new Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch arrives on the Nintendo eShop on May 11, 2017, with a physical release set for later on.

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