Nintendo officially confirms that its forthcoming Switch console will receive a version of Mojang’s popular sandbox and construction simulation game, Minecraft.

Following last night’s Nintendo Switch live stream presentation, fans the world over are likely still attempting to wade through all of the information being released about the Big N’s forthcoming console, especially with such huge titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey still at the forefront of most everyone’s minds. Now, Nintendo has officially confirmed that the upcoming system’s library will grow even more so by receiving its own version of 4J Studios’ and Mojang’s sandbox and construction simulation game, Minecraft.

Nintendo made the announcement by way of an official posting on its website, providing extremely sparse details on what could or would distinguish the Switch version of the popular game from its other iterations. As it happens, the listing doesn’t even so much as provide a release date, as it just confirms that Minecraft is indeed in production for the Nintendo Switch. However, as indicated by a recent tweet from Nintendo UK about the Switch’s lineup of games, fans should expect to see Minecraft come out sometime in 2017.


Furthermore, the listing on Nintendo’s website for Minecraft on Switch interestingly doesn’t even include how many players can take part in a game session. With this being the case, it will be interesting to see what kind of limitations – if any – if the Big N sets on the Switch edition of Minecraft‘s player count.

As many Minecraft fans are surely aware, this won’t be the first time for the popular sandbox title to make its way onto a Nintendo console. Minecraft also already exists on the Big N’s most recently released console with a Wii U edition. Not to mention, Nintendo has also previously put together a fun little bit of DLC for the Minecraft community by providing a Super Mario update that let fans recreate their favorite environments and levels from the platformer, with there also being skins and textures for characters from the series.

At this point in time, Minecraft has been available on the market for nearly seven years, which ultimately speaks to the game’s massive popularity, as it has been ported for numerous platforms since its launch, with the Nintendo Switch only being the latest. Taking all of this into account, it’s safe to presume that Minecraft‘s creators, longstanding community, devoted developers, and even its newcomers will agree that in addition to its current sizable following and lucrative nature, the game can easily be considered as one of the most surprising video game success stories to occur within the industry.

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is currently without an exact release date, but is expected to launch sometime in 2017.