Who would have thought that digital block building could be so addictive? Mojang‘s perennially popular world-building game Minecraft has attracted the imaginations of millions of gamers and broken multiple sales records┬áin the four years since its initial alpha release, without ever existing in a physical on-disk form.

All that is about to change very soon, for Xbox 360 users, at least. Microsoft is planning to release an on-disk version of the Xbox 360 Edition that will be available to buy online and from street retailers this summer, priced at $19.99, and will come with a free 14-day subscription to Xbox LIVE.

The Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft was originally supposed to be released on-disk in April, but was delayed in order to ensure that the version of the game that was shipped was up-to-date. At the time, the new US release date of June 4, 2013 was given, but an update from Microsoft has now confirmed that the on-disk version will be available from June 25 in Canada, and June 28 in the UK.

The press release suggests that the on-disk version of Minecraft will contain extras to not only draw in new players, but also give an incentive for those who already own the game to buy a physical copy. With the promise of “a wealth of new features designed specifically for Xbox 360,” there will probably be quite a few Minecraft fans who are willing to splash out once more for the on-disk version. Unless, of course, the new features they’re referring to are simply the latest update for the Xbox 360 Edition.

From future release plans, let’s move on to the current vogue of griefing. For those who aren’t down with the lingo, “griefing” is a Minecraft activity wherein one player deliberately attempts to anger, irritate or psychologically break another through methods of destruction, construction or obstruction. Griefing can be both creative and hilarious, but is often used as a form of trolling that is employed by some players to deliberately upset others. As a general rule, griefing is funniest when you do it to your friends, and a few classic examples include de-mining, blowing up carefully-built structures with TNT, and tree griefing.

With that in mind, a mash-up between Minecraft griefing and K-pop sensation Psy’s music video for his latest song “Gentleman” – a celebration of immature pranks – seems to be a match made in heaven. That’s what the folks Stage5 thought, anyway, and they’ve therefore created a parody video “Grieferman,” which celebrates the simple joy of destroying a castle that someone spent thirty hours carefully building.

Remember, kids: grief responsibly.


Minecraft will be available on disk for for Xbox 360 from June 4 (US), June 25 (Canada) and June 28 (UK), 2013.

Source: Microsoft & Stage5