Mojang announces the release date for the upcoming live-action Minecraft movie, though fans eager to see the potential blockbuster will have to wait a long time to do so.

Fans would be forgiven for forgetting that a Minecraft movie has been in the pre-production stage for some time now, with early reports of the production stemming almost three years back. However, the Mojang and Warner Brothers project is alive and well, and Mojang COO Vu Bui has now made an important announcement regarding the Minecraft movie: it finally has a release date set in stone.

The Mojang executive has now confirmed that the far-away Minecraft movie will release in theaters on May 24, 2019. It’s more than several page flips of a calendar away, which may leave some fans wondering if the proposed release date can possibly be accurate. In any event, it looks like Warner Brothers is scheduled to release the movie some time in 2019, so fans looking to get a game-based cinematic experience in 2016 will have to watch Assassin’s Creed in the meantime.

Aside from the fact that the movie is releasing in both 3D and IMAX, little is known about the live-action Minecraft movie, since both Warner Brothers and Mojang have kept it tightly under wraps. Earlier this year, film producer Roy Lee stated that the two companies are collaborating openly for the film, with game developers letting the studio know about future additions to the game.

Minecraft Crossplay: The Friendly Update - Minecraft cover

Lee, who previously worked on the The Lego Movie, noted that his previous work might have some similarities in its presentation: Minecraft is part of a multiverse that humans can enter, which may indicate that show watchers will see a human side of events complimenting the block-based Minecraft realm, akin to the basement scenes from The Lego Movie affecting the other block-based world.

It’s no secret that Minecraft is a seemingly unequaled force when it comes to its reach within the gaming world, and that’s exactly why Microsoft splashed the cash and paid an astounding 2.5 billion dollars for the intellectual property back in 2014. The game itself has continued to sell well across a variety of consoles and mediums since the acquisition, and it’s clear Warner Brothers thinks that the child-friendly intellectual property can do well in the box office, just like the record-breaking game turned movie production of Angry Birds.

In any event, we can only hope the Minecraft movie has a better time at the box office than the Ratchet & Clank movie did, but only time will tell if the Warner Brothers production of Minecraft becomes a real blockbuster.

Source: Mojang

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