Minecraft videos are all the rage these days and are some of our favorite to share with our readers. If it isn’t people creating their own videos from in the game, there’s always those intrepid users who want to bring Minecraft to the real world with their creeper defense systems and live action Minecraft zombie fighting.

Today’s video comes from a gentleman named Donnie Kicklighter, who recently discovered that one of his coworkers was an avid writer. A writer himself, Kicklighter took special interest when his coworker told him that he was about to publish his first novel with a second in the works. Obviously impressed, Kicklighter wanted to read some of his work, so his coworker promised to bring in his manuscript.

It would take several weeks to finally get anything from his coworker and when he finally did, Kicklighter was inspired. He wasn’t inspired because the work was particularly special in the traditional sense of the word, but rather because the work he recieved was completely devoid of periods. He couldn’t resist and he knew what had to be done. The story needed to be preserved as a Minecraft video for future generations to enjoy.


Here’s the immortalization of the original script in its entirety and completely unaltered. Yes, it really doesn’t have any periods.

“The Dark Hunter having battled vampires and the undead in the name of his family name fought many powerful beings of chaos one day he meet a beautiful vampire named Mina Talla the two fought together against thre vampire king,Danacus As time went on they fell in love spend a new life together living happily together he fathered a child,a beautiful girl named Illyanna Talla Belmont on Like relationships a bad moon would hover Dark Hunter his selfish desires and stupidity would cost him to lose the love of his life to foolish things As time went on he trained vigoriously always watching over them he wishes to redeem himself in time he won her over gained her trust again they were happy again he spent more time with his daughter but the darkness in his soul beckoned for more he went to land of Adia to purify his soul of darkness battling fiends ranging from cyclops to undead knights weary from many trials he pressed forward making his way to the castle then he sensed the demon king,Irkalla was after his former love,Mina Talla He rushed back home to find Irkalla in the midst wielding his cursed vampire killer due to his dark powers He challenged the demon to protect his family,Mina And llyanna from Irkalla The battle began at the ruins of an old castle waging powers of good and evil there battled lasted long but Hunter unaware of Irkalla’s true intentions:The demon king fells the hunter sending him into the abyss where he is tortured and becomes an eternal knight Evil Lurks in the Shadows Sword of the Dark Hunter stands thrusted into the foreground of EvermoreTower a clouded mist surrounds the once battleground of Dark Hunter and Demon King Irkalla for he was never killed but imprisoned On a cold restless night creatures of the night are stirring the winds cry out in horror a glyph forms on the very spot under the blade widens the clouds overshadow the moon which is dyed in blood rain pours down heavily then suddenly stops as the winds grow fierce the powers of darkness are gathered within this defied battleground the demons shriek in horror In the countryside of Transylvania near the Tower of Evermore,A legend is fortold of a Belmont that will fall in battle and succumb into darkness He will manifest into a Eternal Knight,a mix breed of demon and vampires On the day of Walpurgis, Evil rises,the forces of good mysteriously start to weaken thus the power of darkness begins to revive itself In the bowels of Hell,A dark hunter is being tortured into a eternal knight feeling pain and anquish evil in his soul death on his mind infused new power flowing through his veins cries out a flash of darkened energy pushes away his torturers eyes grow black and red ascends into the human world as the cloaked demonic priest give rise to the dark hunter they bow humbily in respect and alligience to him Dark Hunter grabs his sword from the ground smirks lops off the head of one of the priest the others cry out in horror summons blood death the remaining priests’ body implodes blood splattering all over Dark Hunter no conscience and little memories of his past only the desire for bloodshed his mind full of hatred looks to the Belmont/Talla residents in Syberia.”

Just wow.

Minecraft’s official PC release is scheduled for Nov 11, 2011. You can purchase the game now at a reduced price and participate in the Minecraft beta.

Source: Destructiod

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