Official MineCon Trailer Goes to Vegas

The official inaugural MineCon Trailer

Fans of Minecraft rejoice! Not only is the highly popular game about to hit release date, but a select number of dedicated fans will get to enjoy it in the presence of Notch and co. as they see the game become complete, live in Las Vegas, where the inaugural convention is taking place November 18th and 19th.

The event is called MineCon and it will celebrate the official launch of Minecraft with chances for players to meet and talk with the staff of Mojang. It's even have playable versions of Minecraft on Xbox 360!

To mark the largest Mojang event so far, production group HAT Films put together an official trailer for the event which spans several Minecraft landscapes including an impressive recreation of the convention itself, with the help of over 300 Minecraft players including crafting celebrities like Yogscast and Ephixa, who's Lets Play videos attain millions of views.

Let's follow MineCraft Steve as he sets out to attend MineCon:


The creations within the video are an impressive example of just how grand and awe-inspiring Minecraft is capable of being, with beautiful panning landscapes and extraordinary architecture. Mandala Bay, the location of the convention, towers above Steve and friends as they approach it, full and alive with players inside - not to mention that one extra guest we all figured would show up. While we hope such a guest will stay away from the real event, we all know it's not really a Minecraft video till the failed pig texture guy shows up! No hard feelings, creeper.

While Mojang stopped releasing official beta updates to focus on the full launch, Jeb and Notch have been sharing manually downloadable pre-release updates for those who want to help test out the most updated software version of the game and find bugs so they can be fixed before the official release. If you want to try out the latest version, the 6th release of 1.9, you can download it here. Take the release with a grain of salt as there are still bugs to work out, but with literally only a week until MineCon, you can bet Mojang will be working overtime to get all the kinks worked out.

Are you part of the 4 million who have purchased Minecraft before its official release? Will you be attending MineCon?

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