Fans of Minecraft know that MineCon is (now) an annual tradition which began last year, once demand to get a bunch of miners together grew large enough (does that sound bad? We said miners, not minors). Last year’s convention took place in Las Vegas – which E3 almost moved to – and that leaves pretty big shoes to fill in terms of finding the next location. Mojang stepped up to the plate in this regard, placing MineCon 2012 in Disneyland, Paris.

Any Minecraft fans planning to make the trip to MineCon 2012 have ample time to prepare, as tickets have yet to go on sale. The event will take place on the weekend of November 24-25, which is actually listed as a ‘rainy and chilly’ time on the Paris website. Pack warmly and, of course, don’t forget to tell Airline Security that’s a fake block of TNT you’re bringing on-board.

Notch and Jeb whipped up a quick announcement trailer for the occasion, which you can see for yourself below:


While it may have been a more toned-down video than the previous Vegas reveal, the mere fact a convention is taking place in Disneyland will probably make up for the simple video, though it does have its own charm. We here at Game Rant work in this kind of attire all the time. Especially Andrew Dyce.

Though no other news has come out from Mojang regarding MineCon 2012, Notch and Jeb are sure to be cooking up some nice surprises for fans. Last year included an early build of the Xbox 360 version and watching Notch press a button to make Minecraft officially go gold. Between meeting the developers and other enthusiastic builders, the option to take the party into Disneyland certainly is certainly starting MineCon 2012 on the right track to a being a great convention.

What do you think about MineCon 2012? Would you want to go? Are the Yogscast going to be there?

MineCon will be taking place November 24-25 in Disneyland, Paris.

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Source: Mojang

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