Creepers, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Commuting to work is everyone’s favorite part of their day. Super Mario Bros. is every gamer’s favorite past-time. In this GR Pick, we bring you an assortment of web videos that bring a desired level of fun in all three aforementioned areas. Kick-back and relax for a few minutes and enjoy some great two-minute shorts.

Here at Game Rant we have hosted a few of YouTube celebrity and amateur short-film director Freddie Wong’s work. Previously Freddie had some miscommunication with the controls as an inverted player. Wong has also played around with motion controllers as he fought off some aliens from Resistance 3 in a back alley.

This time Freddie presents a video through the imagination of one young gamer girl who has a tough time with creepers from Minecraft. Those little guys can be tough, but when a player has the right tools they can be dealt with accordingly. This gamer doesn’t hold back as she lets loose on a horde of creepers.

Check out ‘Minecraft Massacre’ below:


Commuting is never a desired time of day for anyone who has a long trek to work. Freddie sees it a bit differently in his world. Wong has created a fun little video envisioning a commute through the life of a video game character. Nothing can stop Freddie as he has his pick of guns, cars, and clothing before he tackles the streets to work. Watch Freddie Wong’s ‘Gamer Commute’ below:


You can hop over to Freddie Wong’s YouTube channel for all of his updates and latest vids.

One more video to fulfill your appetite for video game-inspired amateur videos come from YouTube user lefvandebilder. Through hard work and dedication, Marcus and Hannes Knutsson have created a Mario-inspired world right in their own home. The ending may be surprising and awesome all at once, as a showdown between Mario and Bowser proves to be a bit violent. Behold ‘Super Mario Beads 2’ below:


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