Minecraft Marketplace Lets Players Make Real Money


Microsoft and Mojang's popular open world sandbox building title, Minecraft, is set to receive a marketplace for player-made content sometime this spring with an update for both the game's mobile and Windows 10 PC editions. The marketplace will allow approved creators the ability to sell such things like maps and texture packs to other players, and the creators will be able to receive a portion of the profits, but as of writing, no wage percentage has been revealed.

Partner creators at launch of the Minecraft marketplace will include Blockworks–that is, a group that makes RPG-style maps–and Eneija Silverleaf, who happens to be a popular pixel artist that makes skins for the game. Players on the game's mobile and PC versions will be able to purchase and download the content from creators with Minecraft Coins, which work similarly to currencies in other mobile games, but it must be noted that either an Xbox Live Silver or Gold account will be required to buy on the marketplace.


Other than a tentative release window for spring 2017, neither Microsoft nor Mojang have revealed exactly when the real-money marketplace for Minecraft will go live. Nevertheless, when it does, the companies will likely reap plenty of profits, and expand upon the title's monstrous sales of upwards of 121 million copies being sold cumulatively across the game's myriad platforms on consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

Beyond Minecraft's real-money marketplace for folks to sell their own creations, Mojang just recently announced that the game will be receiving the Discovery Update to bring elements like treasure maps and even the ability to change one's bed color. Not to mention, the forthcoming update should also introduce new Enchantments, such as Frostwalking, which lets players walk on water, and Mending, which keeps fans' swords sharp.

Taking all of this into consideration, it definitely looks like Minecraft is not slowing its pace any time soon, even with it having been officially available as a full-fledged release as of October 2011. Surely, once the real-money creator marketplace and Discovery Update go live, fans of the game will find plenty more to do within the sandbox world.

Minecraft's creator marketplace is set to launch on iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs sometime this spring.

Source: GameSpot

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