Minecraft is still in its beta stage and while the biggest patch ever for the game, the 1.8 Adventure Update, is still in the works, most of the Minecraft updates up until now have included ideas and even mods first designed by the community. Because of that, the sometimes lengthy time between updates and Notch and the crew at Mojang using fan mods, they’ve take a little criticism from some of the Minecraft community. The mod we’re about to show you however, is not something you can expect Mojang to implement into the retail edition of Minecraft.

Titled Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down, this total conversion mod by Kate Ouwenga features the characters we know and love from Valve’s Left 4 Dead and sequel: Ellis, Coach, Nick, Rochelle, Zoey, Louis, Bill and Francis, albeit in a more blocky form…

Blockhawk Down is a mod that works for survival single player (SSP) and survival multiplayer (SMP) in Minecraft. It includes three levels – appropriately containing safe rooms, beds and teleport checkpoints – plus a bonus “event” at the end. And like any good Minecraft mod, it of course includes its own Left 4 Dead-themed texture pack.

Only screenshots were previously available (shown below) for the mod but as of late last week, a fan-made trailer for Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down was released online as well and we wanted to share:


And here are the released Mine 4 Dead screenshots – for fan-made playthroughs of the mod and for installation instructions (and the sweet Blockhawk Down poster!) head to the Minecraft forums here.

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Minecraft releases in its “full version” on November 11th but there’s no ETA on the Adventure Update yet, only that it’ll be playable at PAX next month.

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