Fans of Minecraft have yet another platform to build on, with Mojang announcing yesterday that the Pocket Edition of the game is now available for Kindle. Since seeing success on the PC Mojang continues to expand the brand with as many editions on as many platforms as possible, and the Kindle is just the latest device to adopt the block-based entertainment that has swept the world and inspired countless knock-offs.

This means you can officially play Minecraft on the PC, Mac, Xperia Play, iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and Kindle platforms – but really, who’s counting?

Standing at only 5MB, Pocket Edition is still worlds away from having the content of its computer or console-based counterparts, but gamers on the go can still enjoy erecting castles and buildings across the standard biomes. The Kindle edition also features multiplayer activity, provided other Kindle-based players are connecting on a local wireless network.

Minecraft on Kindle will run gamers $7, the same pricing for both iOS and Android editions of the title. Whilst it is being updated in a similar fashion to the pre-existing Android Marketplace Pocket Edition, the Kindle edition will draw appeal with its 7″ screen size – a pleasantly capable sizing for those without other Android-based tablets or an iPad.

The Kindle Fire uses a variant of the popular Android operating system, so it makes sense that a port of the Pocket Edition would be created for users who don’t have other iOS or Android products. While some users are reporting multiple bugs in their Fire-based experience, it’s likely some Kindle-specific patches will be pushed out in the near future.

Kindle users have been able to get Minecraft on their devices before, but it involved some unofficial and technical trickery which may go above and beyond what the average Kindle user was willing to do. Thankfully, the new trick simply involves going to the marketplace and purchasing it legally – a process which Mojang will undoubtedly prefer.

Gamers looking to add Mojang’s poplar game to their Kindle app collection can find it here on the Amazon Appstore.

What do you think about Minecraft on the Kindle Fire? Will you be playing it on your way to MineCon 2012?

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