Free Halloween-Themed Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

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Minecraft builders beware; you’re in for a seasonal scare. With Halloween 2013 now just a few days away from transforming most of North America into a bizzaro-land of superheroes, serial killers and malicious movie monsters — Mojang and 4J Studios have gotten together to unleash their very own tricked out treat, a frighteningly free texture pack for Xbox 360 gamers.

Released online this past week, the Halloween Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, includes plenty of spooky surprises, from infamous ghouls to ghastly references and enough horror staples to pin down a frantically rocking coffin. Notable examples include:

  • New Block Textures — featuring skull texture Stone, luminous green/black Netherbrick, purple ice, orange eyeball Glowstone, brain texture Endstone, yellow Sponge, Watermelon etc.
  • Head Textures — featuring Skeleton, Red Spider, Pale Zombie, White Creeper etc.
  • Halloween Plants — Skull Flower, Killer Flower (think Little Shop of Horrors/ Crash Bandicoot), Venus Fly Trap varieties
  • New Wool Textures – Creeper Attack, Screaming Tree, orange glow Window Panes
  • Monster Armor Skins — including The Wolfman (Leather), Frankenstein’s Monster (Chain), Wicked Witch (Iron), Vampire/Dracula (Golden), Evil Clown (Diomand)
  • Pumpkin/ Jack ‘O’ Lantern Masks
  • Assorted “dead plant” foliage Textures
  • Lime/Blue “oozing” Mine Carts
  • Sticky Piston w/ purple slime
  • Red Stone Lamp w/ black cat silhouette
  • Horned “Devil” Cow Texture
  • Halloween-themed Candy Cane
  • Assorted Dyes w/ cauldron
  • Rotten Items, including Apples and Bread
  • Cooked brown and raw blue Angler Fish (scary deep-sea species)
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Assorted slime-covered Tools
  • Witch-themed Map
  • Eyeball Treasure Chest
  • Coffin Bed
  • Pumpkin Buckets w/ assorted fillers
  • Lime green Lava (flowing and still)
  • Purple Water (flowing and still)
  • Ghoul-face Nether Portal
  • Skull Textured Sun and Moons

Given that this latest content is both free of charge and unrelated to any existing third-party properties, the DLC may well mark the start of Mojang’s vaunted attempts to bring about greater cross-platform integration. Following news of the series imminent appearance on Sony hardware, fans of all platforms are sure to be excited by the possibility of such regularized (and free) updates.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Mojang has chosen to commemorate the Halloween season. Just one year ago, the developer released a similar Xbox skins pack, this time charging a $2 fee for content designed to raise money for charitable organizations. The initiative went on to make over $750,000, aiding in the work of various charities, including video game-themed group Child’s Play. Dating back to 2010 to the early days of the Minecraft beta, pumpkins and more cave features were added to the game.

Is this ghoulish give-away more tepid trick or timely treat? Are Minecraft’s infamous creepers the scariest 7th-gen creation? Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest Minecraft news, right here on Game Rant.


The Minecraft Halloween Texture Pack for is now available to download, free of charge, from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Availability ends on November 3rd 2013.

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