Minecraft Adds Flying Cape for Faster Traversal

By | 1 year ago 

Lead designer for Minecraft, Jens Bergensten, reveals the addition of a flying cape that will be available soon in the game’s PC version after its next snapshot update.

Mojang‘s insanely popular sandbox building simulation Minecraft will soon be incorporating a new way for players to get around in the game’s open worlds with flying. Developers are set to add a magic cape to enable the ability on the title’s PC version through its next snapshot update, and it will presumably be included on consoles some time in the near future.

Jens Bergensten, lead designer and developer for Minecraft, announced the item’s inclusion on Twitter, calling it a “new dramatic feature” that will change the way fans play the game. He also made it clear that the capes will not be craftable, as they can only be found in the game world as an object unto themselves. Also, when the capes are discovered, they will replace any equipped cape PC players have.

As many fans are aware by now, they can already fly in the game’s Creative Mode with the exclusion of mobs and with a limitless spectrum of tools at their disposal. Ostensibly, the magic cloak is supposed to add a more realistic flying experience, letting gamers soar up and swoop downward as if they were a majestic sparrow-human hybrid, fancifully coasting through the skies as they soak in the wondrous, block-based world around them. Ahem.

Perhaps what is most momentous about the inclusion of capes is that it will help fans get around the worlds more quickly and let them get a broader look at landscapes from a bird’s-eye view, assisting them in decisions of what to do next. Plus, the capability to fly will definitely enhance the experience of Minecraft on Oculus VR when support for the headset comes out next year.

With Minecraft‘s PC port sales surpassing 20 million copies, the addition of magic capes will likely aid in the title moving even more units. And while Bergensten is right about the item’s introduction to the game altering the way people play it completely, it probably won’t be touted by fans as the single most important element that the title has to offer.

However, should the developers at Mojang keep on bringing fresh ideas to the table such as this one, Microsoft’s purchase of the studio for $2.5 billion will continue to be a fruitful decision. Bearing all of this in mind, other companies’ executives who had been eyeing the obtainment of rights to the game, most notably those working for Electronic Arts and Activision, are probably still kicking themselves for not pouncing sooner.

Minecraft can be played on practically any platform imaginable, as it’s available on Android and iOS devices, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Jens Bergensten on Twitter (via GameSpot)