Minecraft: 5 Features We Want To See In The Next Update (& 5 We Don’t)

As Minecraft's latest snapshots added bees and honey into the game, the question begs to be asked: what's coming next for the game? Minecraft's last two major updates, 1.13 and 1.14, updated already existing features and areas of the game, namely oceans and villages, which had grown pretty stale for a while. Both updates helped skyrocket Minecraft back into a position of popularity and solidify its position as one of the most consistently popular games of all time. Here's five features we really hope to see introduced in the next update, and five we'd rather not see in Minecraft, at least not for the time being.

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10 Want: More Nether Structures

The Nether has seen some tiny updates and adjustments here and there, but nothing major to speak of for the longest time. The only real reason a player would head to the Nether is to get some Nether Wart and Blaze Rods, but after that the Nether really has no true utility. It's also great for building a network of Nether portals, which has become a bit of an art itself among Minecrafters. What the Nether really needs, however, is new structures, new details in its barren terrain and something that will motivate players to revisit over and over again.

9 Don't Want: Redstone Changes

Redstone is the Minecraft equivalent of electronic wiring, which in itself is quite complex to learn and master. Simple constructions can really make a survivor's life a lot easier, but unless you're a bit of a genius, most of us have no clue what most of the items do or how to make them. Redstone wiring is a bit of a niche thing, and outside of making the simplest mob grinders and experience farms, we probably don't need anymore complex Redstone functionalities to further confuse us. If anything, a guidebook would be much appreciated, Mojang!

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8 Want: Vertical Slabs

Slabs have been somewhat of a hot topic among Minecrafters for a long time. Many of players, us included, believe it would be convenient to be able to craft a slab of any block, aside from liquid blocks of course. This would allow a bit more creative freedom when building houses. Unfortunately, Mojang did previously abandon the concept of the dirt half slab, but hopefully their minds are changed in the future. More importantly, what we really need are vertical slabs. Just think of the possibilities of such an object, and what it would mean for Minecraft building!

7 Don't Want: More Rare Biomes

Don't get it twisted, we love new biomes as much as anyone else. What we don't love is how much more common some biomes are over others and how you'll likely never find that brand new, rare and cool biome that was just added to the game, unless you find a seed for it online. We're all for new biomes, but please make them a bit more common. How many times do we have to spawn in a boring Forest biome and trek a thousand blocks just to find something a bit more special? Mojang, hear our calls, no more ultra rare biomes!

6 Want: In-Game Lore

Minecraft Story Mode aside, we want to know more about the world we're brought into when we spawn. We know there's the Nether and The End, but what does it all mean? Full answers would take away from the immersion of the Minecraft universe, but it would be nice to have some more lore implemented in survival. Maybe the villagers could tell us stories and have actual dialogue with us or we might come across a variety of short written books from dungeon chests that end up leading us to other structures in the world.

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5 Don't Want: More Animals And Insects

We've seen a ton of new wildlife added into the game since 1.13, namely dolphins, turtles, exotic fish, pandas and foxes. While we agree that all of these animals are absolutely adorable and wouldn't have them removed, we feel like the next update shouldn't necessarily focus so much on new critters. We know that bees are coming for sure, but what's the purpose of them aside from making honey? Cute things are all fine and dandy, but the game needs a bit more substance and something new to make the exploration of structures and biomes more interesting.

4 Want: Aether Inspired Dimension

If you remember this insanely popular Minecraft mod, then you're a true fan of the game. The Aether mod was revolutionary in how it brought something brand new and exciting to the game, a dimension with new structures, animals and mechanics that would take days to discover. Mojang did look into implementing something along those lines, but instead created The End and its cities. We still think a third dimension up in the skies of the Minecraft world is what the game needs to stay fresh.

3 Don't Want: Furniture

A lot of fans have been asking Mojang to implement more furnitures into the game. While we understand the urge, especially for passionate builders, it feels like including especially modern furniture takes away from the fantasy and RPG element of Minecraft. We could totally envision Mojang adding a chair or two, or perhaps even tables where small objects can be placed. However, at the same time it's nice to get creative and use what you have to make something akin to a table rather than have a straight up recipe for it.

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2 Want: New Caves

This hands down needs to be the next update for the game. For the longest time, Minecraft's caves have remained mostly untouched. With the introduction of buried treasure and ocean ruins, players are even less motivated to go down into the dangerous depths to mine for diamond. What we need is an overhaul of the caves, perhaps make them look unique depending on what biome the player is in. New structures inside the cave would also bring some more life into them, or even adding ghosts and new mobs. There are so many ideas and possibilities to explore.

1 Don't Want: Desert Biome Overhaul

One of the many biomes that has fans screaming for an overhaul is the desert biome. However, the reason why we disagree with this is because of the nature of a desert: it's meant to be empty. Not to mention, we already have temples and villages that appear somewhat frequently in the desert. While we wouldn't be against including the occasional oasis here and there, we feel like the desert is fine as it is, a biome that's incredible hard to live in due to low resources, just like in real life.

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