Pokemon GO-Style Augmented Reality Game Minecraft Earth Announced

minecraft earth pokemon go revealed

In celebration of the game's 10-year anniversary, developer Mojang officially removes the veil covering Minecraft Earth. This should come as little surprise, given that publisher Microsoft has recently teased a Pokemon GO-style Minecraft game, but regardless, the idea of bringing the world of blocks into the augmented reality game market is intriguing enough.

While little is currently known about Minecraft Earth, Mojang did detail a few things players would be able to do. Like the core experience, this mobile game will give players the chance to build, explore, and survive, allowing players to share their masterpieces and check out other creations. It's far more extensive, however, as players will be able to collaborate.

Playing with other Minecraft Earth crafters will allow players to work together on a small scale before taking builds into the world. It's unclear what Mojang means, but it even promises the ability to "team up with others for mini-adventures!" This could just be related to the imagination of those who play together, or it could even mean that Minecraft Earth will feature some type of quest system (also hinted at by the word "survive.")

Furthermore, in direct comparison with Pokemon GO, Minecraft Earth will feature the ability to collect animals. Developer Mojang states that Minecraft Earth features many of the critters that Minecraft players know and love, but also a "bunch of new ones." They can be bred to collect unique variants and later used to popular the world players build.

One thing that was not revealed was the release date of Minecraft Earth, but there is a closed beta players can sign up for. Doing so will grant players a free skin as well as some Minecraft Bedrock. Those who choose to sign up will need an Android 7 or iOS 10 capable device, a Microsoft or Xbox Live account, App Store log-in details, and a few other things. But those interested can sign up for the Minecraft Earth Closed Beta here.

Minecraft Earth is currently in development for mobile devices.

Source: Mojang

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