'Minecraft' Documentary in the Works

If you haven't heard about Minecraft yet, you're part of a shrinking demographic. The smash hit game has taken the PC marketplace by storm, raised over one million in sales, and until mere months ago was run by just one man. Now, the small independent studio Mojang is heading towards glory before the game is even officially released. The PC beta version of Minecraft continues racking up sales, and now official iOS ports are on the way.

With so much success in such a short time, it should come to no surprise that people would be interested in making a documentary based on the story of the game's development, and 2 Player Productions are trying to step up to the plate.

Having produced the breakout documentary hit Reformat The Planet, 2 Player feels it is time for a new, and innovative, challenge. With almost a third of the necessary funding already pledged, the film crew need about $100,000 more to achieve their goal of a solid 150k for the film. The group is officially on Kickstarter, a website dedicated to getting funding for projects -- and depending on how much you pledge to the film, you'll get special things in return. Check out the link above for more info!


Ye Olde Creative Mode of the Minecraft Alpha.

The documentary, when complete, will be titled Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, and will focus on displaying the trials and tribulation that Mojang faced in its first year of existence. It will also take a look at how Minecraft became so successful. Industry professionals, journalists, and of course the staff at Mojang, will be included in the video. If you have cash to burn, pledging over $10,000 will score you a trip to visit those at Mojang and attend an office party with them, though truth be told, there are certainly less expensive parties to go to.

Having already started filming, the group put together a solid preview video demonstrating what the finished product will look like:

The production quality is pretty well done, and while it may not be the intense shine-and-glam seen in other published documentaries, remember that this is in itself a form of beta -- the finished product will have post-producing and audio mixing crews on hand to help with the process.

Would you be interested in seeing a documentary about Minecraft and those at Mojang Studios? If so (or if not), what are your reasons?

Source: Kickstarter

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