Minecraft Discovery Update Detailed

Minecraft Discovery Update

The latest update to Minecraft on its mobile versions and Windows 10 may have introduced The End to the game, but Mojang is evidently keen on extending its lifespan for the foreseeable future. The studio has just announced that both Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will be updated with The Discovery Update this Spring, which brings a plethora of new features to both respective platforms:  llamas, shulker boxes, treasure maps, and even a full Adventure Mode are all poised to be introduced as 2017 gets underway.

Once the Discovery Update goes live, players will be able to barter with friendly village cartographers to secure treasure maps, which lead to places like haunting forest mansions. These locales will come packed with dangers, which is why the ever-capable llama has been introduced as a faithful tameable companion. Players can throw packs onto their humps to help carry items, or conversely set up a new shulker box to store things instead. Unlike regular storage chests, shulker boxes don't spew out all the items when broken, and can simply be picked up again.

Minecraft Llamas

Also introduced are a select few new enchantments: Mending aids an item's repair durability, and Frostwalking allows players to walk on water. Should the bravest Minecraft players survive their experience in the forest mansion, they will also procure at least one Totem of Undying from the Evoker Illagers who live in the mansion. Only those hostile mobs drop this valuable item, which - when held in a player's hand - prevents them from taking fatal damage, instead dropping them to half a heart. As anyone who has been Creeper-blasted by surprise can attest to, it's an invaluable prize.

The Discovery Update also brings things like dyeable beds, ingot smelting, concrete blocks, and the ever-vibrant glazed terracotta blocks. The latter blocks can be dyed 16 different colors, so the intrepid designer should find no shortage of inspiration within the update. Movement speeds within Minecraft will also become data-driven, which means those who wish to modify movement properties can now do so within the Add-Ons section. Players may need to give themselves a boost when plying their trade in Adventure Mode, which allows players to design their own scenarios to play out.

Mojang's own Marsh Davies stated that more secrets from the Discovery Update would spring forth from Mojang over the next few weeks. So, gamers interested in the literal blockbuster should keep an eye on the official website.

Do you think the mobile and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft are doing a good job keeping up with the PC version, Ranters?

The Minecraft Discovery Update is coming this Spring for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.


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