'Minecraft' Custom Map Recreates 'SimCity' Experience

Simburbia Custom Map Minecraft


When Mojang and Notch first unveiled Minecraft back in 2009 it was a tough egg to crack. Many could see the potential in the brick-based game, but few understood its potential. Fast-forward five years, however, and Minecraft has not only become a cultural phenomenon and a massive hit, it has also become one of the most creative platforms in the market.

So far, we have detailed numerous clever ways gamers have used the Minecraft platform, from stunning recreations of pop culture landscapes (like Game of Thrones and Star Trek) to working calculators. Today we have something a little different, but nonetheless impressive.

This latest project is dubbed 'Simburbia' and is a custom map available right now for Minecraft. Essentially, what Simburbia does is combine the aesthetic of Minecraft with the gameplay of SimCity, tasking players with managing a growing population while also completing various tasks along the way.

As readers can see in the launch trailer above, Simburbia packs a surprising amount of content for a Minecraft custom map. There are disasters (giant creeper attack), citizen quests, customizable city hall buildings, and a map for looking over your entire town.

Simburbia Custom Map Minecraft

In fact, one might even argue that this Simburbia custom map offers more of the traditional SimCity experience than Maxis' latest release. Yes, it's simple, but players will still have to consider relationships, power systems, money, population, and abandonment if they want to create a bustling suburban city. Or they could let the giant creeper lay waste to civilization – whatever floats your boat.

Having now sold more than 55 million copies across almost a dozen devices, Minecraft should be showing signs of slowing down. And yet things like Simburbia pop up to prove that the brand is alive and well. In fact, Minecraft has expanded so much over the past few years that it has become capable of supporting things like LEGO sets and a full convention…even a copycat convention. If something like Simburbia is proof that Minecraft is still alive and well, then we can't wait to see what types of creations are further down the road.

What do you think of this SimCity custom map for Minecraft? Would you play a full game featuring Simburbia?


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