Mojang announced that Minecraft will be updated to support cross-platform play between mobile, Windows 10, and console devices this fall. A Nintendo Switch logo, as well as virtual reality devices, were also shown during the announcement, implying they were both going to be supported in cross-play. Support for Xbox One X, the new console from Microsoft, was also announced and presumably will be be included in cross-play. Xbox One X support also includes 4K support, naturally.

One platform, however, will not be included in the Minecraft cross-play expansion. Sony has now confirmed that PlayStation platforms will not support cross-play, clarifying that while cross-play is technically possible there are outstanding business concerns preventing them from going forward. One possible reason for Sony stepping back  is Microsoft’s inclusion of an Xbox Live login to use cross-play online, but Sony’s also refused Rocket League cross-play and that doesn’t have a login. It’s more likely Sony simply isn’t comfortable providing Microsoft, its competitor, that kind of access to its platform.

In addition to cross-play, Microsoft also announced that Mojang will be introducing player-made content later this year. That includes player-made skins, maps, textures, and what Mojang described as massive community servers, which could imply unique server rules that classic Minecraft players enjoy.

Finally, Mojang also confirmed the upcoming release of a 4K Graphics Pack. This is separate from standard 4K support for the Xbox One X. This free update will include improved lighting, shadows, water effects, and several other changes meant to overhaul Minecraft‘s visuals. And of course it also includes 4K resolution textures as well. Note that while many of these upgrades are meant for players gaming in 4K, several of the changes will also be coming to non-4K platforms like the Nintendo Switch.  The update will improve visuals on every platform.

For more details regarding Minecraft‘s cross-play update, stay tuned. A release date for this latest Minecraft patch has yet to be announced, but will hopefully come about during E3.

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Minecraft is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.