GR Pick: Motion Activated Minecraft Creeper Home Defense System

GR Pick Minecraft Creeper Home Defense System

Minecraft is the PC gaming phenomenon that isn't going away anytime soon. The game spawned countless T-Shirts, a documentary and there's also an iOS version in the works. Jumping in on trend, one handy individual named Chris decided to embark on a quest to create a motion sensitive 'Attack Creeper.'

Anyone who has played Minecraft knows that the Creeper is probably the most terrifying enemy ever to grace a video game. They blend in perfectly with any forest or grassy setting, making it easy for them to ambush in the open. The sound they make sends chills down many a gamer's spines and the look of dread on their faces will send even the most hardened miner scrambling for their pick.

It's not the sound or look of the Creeper that freaks people out, but the fact that they have the ability to spontaneously explode if they get close to you, destroying the blocky environment around them. The thought of having one of these things chasing you in real life is frightening, which is probably why Chris decided create one to protect his home.

Check the video below to see how Chris put this Attack Creeper together.


Just some cardboard, some wiring, motion sensors and a lot of skill and voila! His very own horrifying home defense system. Chris even went as far as to include the sound effects of the Creeper. This will make for a very amusing Halloween prank on people who come up to your door - or any night for that matter.

Chris could've went the extra mile and packed the thing full of explosives and sent it towards an inanimate object, but that would be dangerous – and illegal in most if not all States.

With the recent announcement of wolf pets in Minecraft, it would be awesome to see some motion activated wolves that follow you around. You can check all of the schematics for this Creeper Home Defense system over on Chris' site.

Source: The New Hobbyist

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