'Minecraft' Convention Returns This Year, Tickets On-Sale March 27

Minecon 2015 Tickets

After a relatively mild 2014, Minecraft is poised to make a huge splash this year. Granted, we don't what exactly developer Mojang, and new IP owner Microsoft, has planned for their fans, but we expect they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.

While early details on potential Minecraft expansions, tie-ins, and maybe even a sequel will likely surface during Microsoft's E3 2015 conference, that will only be the beginning. It may have been a no-show last year, but Minecon is returning for 2015, and the event will be held in London during July.

First details for Minecon (outside of a vague spring window) surfaced early this week, including a ticket sale date of March 27th. Then, Minecraft fans around the world will have a shot at attending the biggest Minecraft event of the world.

However, those who do miss out on picking up one of the 5,000 Minecon tickets on the first day are not totally out of luck; Mojang plans to sell another set of 5,000 tickets on March 28th, just in case things don't go smoothly the first day. Demand is likely to be high for Minecon tickets, so Mojang should be prepared for an onslaught on their ticket sales servers.

As far as what Minecon 2015 attendees can expect, Mojang isn't willing to play their hand just yet. Past events have featured plenty of Minecraft fan panels and discussions, along with a big party for attendees. The centerpiece of each Minecon, though, has been details on an upcoming Minecraft update; Minecon 2012 offered first details on the 1.5 Redstone update, for example.

This year's Minecon, however, will be special, if for no other reason than it's the first event since Microsoft's $2.5 billion purchase of the IP. To be fair, Microsoft is not beholden to the fans to announce a new game or expansion, but there's no better time than during the biggest Minecraft convention. Even just a hint as to how Microsoft plans to expand the brand might be enough to keep buzz for Minecraft high throughout the year.

Even so, Minecraft should be just fine without any big announcements. The brick-based title has sold well across all platforms and has more than 100 million registered users. It's also big enough to support its own convention.

Do you plan on attending Minecon in London? What do you hope Mojang and Microsoft announce at the convention?

Minecon takes place July 4-5 in London's ExCel Convention Center. Tickets will go on sale March 27th here.

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