GR Picks [Video]: 'Craftlevania,' Live-Action 'Mega Man X,' 'Splinter Cell: Extinction,' & More

There are some gamers who like to play socially, others casually; however, some players take their favorite franchises to a whole new level. Plenty of gaming fans rant and rave about their favorite titles but, when you come across fans such as the ones who put together these GR video picks, then you enter a whole different league.

One dedicated fan spent over 35 consecutive days building Castlevania within the world of Minecraft, while another gamer recreated the Halo Reach shotgun out of legos (and it works too), a Mega Man X advocate produced a live-action fan film for $700, and last but not least, much like the popular Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, a small film company has been developing a weekly live-action series based on the game Splinter Cell.

Hands down, Castlevania is a top fan-favorite of the NES and when one guy saw his chance to recreate the famous title in Minecraft, he went to town remaking the entire game. One hundred hours of dedication and 37-consecutive days later, this incredibly detailed recreation of Castlevania is astonishing. He’s got every little detail down, all he needed to add were some obstacles to increase the danger quotient.

Watch the Craftlevania video below:


Rumors of a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel may also be in the works!

Who didn’t play with LEGOs as a child? A passionate Halo Reach fan decided to mock up a real life, scale model of the M45 Tactical Shotgun made completely out of LEGOs. While the creation did not come from the same guy who brought us the life size Gears of War Lancer, this shotgun does come from Nick Jensen – who also made a life-size, scale model of a Halo sniper rifle. Not only does it have a working trigger, but it also ejects shotgun shells too!


Maybe next time Jensen could recreate a scale, working model of a Halo ring.

Do you want some real dedication? Try budgeting a short film on $700 and make it look awesome. Easier said than done for Olan Rogers. We’ve heard how fanboys gush over Mega Man X, but Rogers has created one of the best live-action Mega Man fan films ever! This short takes place in the dystopia of the ravaged future of reploids and mavericks. We are briefed with a video message from Dr. Light, explaining his intentions for X – in hopes that he can be the future’s savior. What we then get into is a training simulation that tests X’s humanity against Protoman.


From Companion Pictures comes Splinter Cell: Extinction – a fan series that seeks to show the “deceit, deception, and adrenaline pumping action” of its respective game. The series has been online since March 13, and a new episode appears every week. Each episode is a little over ten minutes and has decent production value on screen.

There are currently six episodes available to watch on YouTube, but check out the prologue first:


Perhaps if this web series gains enough traffic and popularity, it could get a movie deal much like Mortal Kombat: Legacy did after Mortal Kombat: Rebirth.

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