One of our favorite games of last year and one of our most anticipated of this year sharing something in common it’s not just that they both start with the same letter, are sequels, and feature players wielding big guns. No, Battlefield 3 and Borderlands 2 now also share a connection to the indie megahit, Minecraft.

Borderlands 2 finally released yesterday just as Minecraft made expanded its player base to include Kindle Fire users. So, it’s wonderful timing for Mojang to see a few Easter Eggs from their flagship game appear in the Gearbox Software title.

Borderlands 2 is all about the loot, from weapons and ammo to upgrades and skins. One of those skins as we learned this week makes quite an unusually drastic change to the player face. If you come across the ‘Mine But Not Yours’ loot drop, this is what you’ll get [click to enlarge]:

Borderlands 2 Mine But Not Yours Minecraft Skin

Note the “Minecraft” skin selected along with the blocky head – the color is in reference to the default “Steve” skin from Minecraft.

But it’s more than just a little Minecraft-themed character customization that made its way into Borderlands 2. There’s also an actual mine to explore where players can literally mine (no equippable diamond swords unfortunately). The most exciting feature however, is the inclusion of Minecraft’s defining character: the creeper.

And this is how you can get there:

As for Battlefield 3, a game that launched last October but continues its lasting appeal via new content like the recently released Armored Kill DLC, it’s gotten a little love from the Minecraft community. Enjoy the walkthrough (video up top) of the Caspian Border map, one of the game’s most popular large outdoor maps.

It’s been entirely recreated in detail in Minecraft by MOZONE and is astonishingly accurate. We’ll take the opportunity to make the obligatory remark about how mods are important and desired for Battlefield 3 and how mods have helped grow and expand Minecraft into the game it is today. DICE, make that happen.

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