10 Best Minecraft Seeds To Start A World In

The sandbox-style game Minecraft allows players to do absolutely anything they want. The open-world will let you explore a ton of different biomes and there are unique mods that really change the way the game works. Whether you want to just relax and explore the world or spend your time deep underground, mining for resources to build your mansion with, Minecraft lets you do it all.

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The worlds in Minecraft are randomly generated, meaning that players really don't know what they're getting into when they load up a new world. But, players share seeds for Minecraft that give the player a world that has already been discovered by other players. These worlds usually have something unique about them that makes other players want to load them up and play.

To see 10 of the best seeds to start a new world in.

10 Frozen Islands (-7865816549737130316)

If you're looking to start a world somewhere icy and cold, this seed is definitely one to load up. It features a huge cluster of frozen, icy islands near your spawn point. In the center of them, there's a sunken island of sand and grass. Although it may look out of place, it's a really unique part of this world and is definitely something that will draw in a lot of players.

What else could this world be hiding? There's really only one way to find out! The seed for this world is -7865816549737130316.

9 Shipwreck Village (-613756530319979507)

Villages in Minecraft are a really important part of the game. If you're trying to get some resources or trade with an NPC, tracking down a village is a must. You can trade with the different villagers there, steal their crops if you're feeling mischievous, and maybe even move into one of their houses.

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This seed, -613756530319979507, has a really unique coastal village near a large shipwreck. This village is near your spawn point, so it's not hard to find, and it's located right by the water. The further you venture out into this world, the more huge shipwrecks you'll find.

8 Mushroom Island (7275521772019857129)

This seed, 7275521772019857129, is one that's really unique visually. The player spawns in the middle of a massive jungle, which isn't all that unique in the world of Minecraft. Jungles are everywhere and although they have some useful items and can even be home to a Jungle Temple, they're pretty ordinary in this game.

But the jungle in this seed is really special. Right in the middle of it, there's randomly a giant mushroom island. Considering this unusual part of this seed's environment, we can only imagine what else is going on around this world. There's only one way to find out what other secrets it holds.

7 Triple Island (6073041046072376055)

Finding an island in Minecraft is definitely always an exciting time. Islands are located out in the ocean and can have different types of biomes. This seed, 6073041046072376055, is special because of the fact that there isn't just one island in this world. This seed features a cluster of three different islands all right together. This would be a great place to build a home.

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And if you want to get really extreme with your Minecraft game, you could restrict yourself to just the resources you're able to gather on these three islands. No creative mode. Just see how long you can survive with what you find on this cluster of three islands.

6 Snowy Mountain Village (-772124751310384583)

This seed, -772124751310384583, spawns the player in a really unique area. The player finds themselves at the top of a really snowy mountain that has green grass and a large forest just below it. Although this is pretty ordinary for Minecraft, the thing that actually sets it apart from other seeds is the fact that there's a village right here.

This village spans across the snowy mountains and down to the green area below it. For a player that wants to be able to get back to the village quickly after exploring the rest of the world, having it located somewhere so unique is definitely helpful.

5 Blacksmith Treasure (686298914)

Although villages are typically most useful for trading with the NPCs that call it home, villages can also be really helpful to players when they start a new game. This seed, 686298914, is a really good one because of the fact that this village has a chest full of items that are really helpful.

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Right near where the player spawns in this seed is a Blacksmith. This Blacksmith has a chest full of useful items. Getting items like these when you're first starting out in a world is great because it can give you the tools and items necessary to get your base off to a good start.

4 Badlands For Miles (-2077161841381676960)

Tired of seeing the same forests, jungles, and islands in every Minecraft seed? Although every biome in the game definitely has its perks and challenges, it can be pretty boring to spawn into seed after seed and see the exact same biomes every time. Come on, Minecraft! Where are all the diverse landscapes?

This seed, -2077161841381676960, is one for everyone who's looking for something different in their Minecraft world. As far as the eye can see, there are badlands. Anyone who has played Minecraft will know that this biome is pretty rare, so finding such a massive one is definitely an exciting find.

3 Unique Mountain Formation (8858351513851407858)

The randomly generated worlds in Minecraft can create some unique landscapes and features. From huge caves and ravines to tall mountains, the world of Minecraft can be a lot of fun to look at and explore. Part of the fun is trying to find somewhere to build your house, farm, and home base if you're looking to stay in a world for a long time.

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If you want something unique to look at out of your front door every time you leave your house to go mining for diamonds, this seed may be the one for you. This seed, 8858351513851407858, has a huge mountain archway that looks really unique.

2 Spruce Village (673900667)

For the most part, a lot of the villages in Minecraft all look the same. While this is totally fine because villagers are mostly good for trading with or stealing crops, it can be really exciting to find one that's super unique. Maybe you'll even want to move in and become one of the villagers living there.

This seed, 673900667, spawns players really close to a super unique village out in the woods. Made with wood and stone with spruce trees everywhere, this village looks so cool that you might end up wanting to move in.

1 Island Village (-7745343045991044849)

Who wouldn't want to live on a private island, all by themselves? As long as we have a good Internet connection to play our favorite games online with our friends, this seriously sounds like heaven. So, we think these villagers had the right idea of building their village out here on this island.

This seed, -7745343045991044849, puts players right at a huge island with a village on it. Finally, we can live out our dream of living on a private island that has everything we need for survival.

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