Minecraft: 10 Best Biomes For Survival

Over the years a lot of biomes have been added to Minecraft to make it a more immersive and intriguing world to explore and build in. The biomes range the spectrum of living environments and while some like the Ocean or Desert can be difficult places to start a game in, others can make the early part of the game a breeze.

Whether it’s the abundance of resources, lack of threats, or unique advantages here are the best biomes you want to be in for your survival run of Minecraft.

10 Birch Forest

The Birch Forest is one of the more common biomes to spawn in and good for beginnners. It’s a large field populated with numerous birch trees. The white trees are helpful for spotting mobs like Creepers and Zombies, but can make spotting Skeletons difficult.

Birch is also considered one of the best trees for tree farms given their standardized height, lack of branches and rapid growth rates. There aren’t a lot of benefits in terms of resources or friendly mobs, but there aren’t a lot of downsides either.

9 Forest

Forests are similar to Birch Forests except they are also populated with oak trees. Oak gives off apples which is helpful for nourishment or creating golden apples, but can spawn with large branches making them annoying to harvest.

They also shelter hostile mobs during the daytime which can be tricky to navigate, but wolves will often spawn here giving you an effective deterrent for skeletons and attacking other mobs. The mushrooms are also a handy food source.

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8 Dark Forest

Dark Forest are forests populated by dark oak trees that grow tall and have dense foliage. This gives the player an abundance of wood but makes navigating the ground a scary experience with lots of shadows for hostile mobs.

Fortunately, this dense foliage permits players to travel and build on top of the trees which is recommended and extremely safe. There are also large mushrooms that spawn here for a good source of food. This is also the only biome to spawn Woodland Mansions which has great loot and is the only source of Totems of Undying, assuming you can kill the Evokers and Illagers.

7 Wooded Mountains

Wooden Mountains can be dangerous given the sheer drops the player can fall from but there are some advantages to this mountainous biome. Underground bases built into the sides of mountains are considered some of the safest houses in the game and directly support mining efforts.

Spruce trees are great for tree farms, especially their giant variations, llamas can be found here for transporting large quantities of items and this is one of the few areas emeralds can be mined to trade for some great items in villages.

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6 Savanna

Savannas are open fields with sparse forests of acacia trees. These open fields make it easy to spot hostile mobs and they wont get much shade from the trees during the day. The biggest perk of savannas is that cows, horses, sheep, and llamas all spawn here.

Finding villages is easy and many players will form caravans with llamas for trading purposes. The only downside to this biome and why it doesn’t rank higher is that the trees can be annoying to harvest thanks to diverging branches and tall heights.

5 Jungle

Jungle biomes are always a treat for players in survival as they contain incredibly useful resources not obtainable anywhere else in the game. It contains immense trees with vines, melons that are great for automated farms, ocelots for protection from Creepers, parrots for warning systems and bamboo for a great source of fuel for smelting.

The trees and dense foliage can make things dangerous, especially with Creepers blending into all that green, but with a parrot in tow and either a tree house or ocelots around your base it’s manageable. The Jungle pyramids are a great source of loot, if you can solve their booby traps and puzzles that is.

4 Plains

If you want a big open space to build then plains are the biome for you. These vast fields are great for large projects and make defending from hostile mobs easy as you can guarantee most will get burned up by the sun in the morning as there is no shade anywhere.

You’ll want to find one of the many horses to traverse the expanse, donkeys are great for carrying items, there will typically be at least one village and bee hives are great for honey or sugar farming. The only downside to these biomes is you might be hunting for trees, but once you have a tree farm going this is hardly an issue.

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3 Snowy Taiga

Snowy Taiga biomes may not look it, but they are golden for survival purposes when starting out and later in the game. With all that snow players can quickly shovel it up to make an impromptu snow castle and the snowballs can work as ranged weapons in a pinch.

There are plenty of trees to harvest from, the wolves can be tamed for safety, and once the player has a pumpkin farm they can start crafting Snow Golems. The occasional igloo that spawns naturally makes a great house with a built-in furnace and bed. Starting a wheat farm can be annoying as water blocks often freeze over, but torches can remedy that.

2 Giant Tree Taiga

Giant Tree Taiga biomes are a great place to start and work well into the endgame. There are large trees everywhere which makes gathering wood a breeze. There are also plenty of wolves to tame for defense and offensive purposes, foxes can be used in a pinch, and plenty of rabbits for rabbit farms.

One of the unique benefits to Giant Tree Taiga biomes is the copious amounts of podzol blocks. These quirky dirt blocks will enable players to grow mushroom regardless of light levels. They do require a silk touch pickaxe to move, but they can be a great source of food.

1 Mushroom Field

This is hands down the best biome for survival in the game and also the rarest biome to encounter let alone start at. They contain unique creatures called Mooshrooms which are cows that when milked produce mushroom soup. Villages can be found here and there are lots and lots of big mushrooms.

The only downside is that there are no trees so you will need to venture out and find some saplings to start a tree farm. But the major upside is that hostile mobs will not spawn here above ground or below ground. In fact, the only hostile mobs allowed to spawn are from mob spawners. It is the safest biome in Survival Minecraft.

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