Minecraft mods have offered us some of the most unique and interesting original content for a video since, well, as long as we can remember. For a game that doesn’t provide much visual flair and instead uses its unique and simple style to define it, Minecraft has proven a fan favorite for those that want to express themselves in unique ways. Now there’s a Minecraft mod that literally turns the world on its sides.

While not really a mod, the effect it has is unforgettable, and if you’re easily made queasy this may be one you won’t want to watch.

The result of combining a particular GLSL shader (found here) with a custom shader (found here) causes an interesting effect which causes the world of Minecraft to twist and turn as if it was on some kind of hallucinogenic drug.

Aptly named the “acid trip shader mod,” this video is just one of many examples of the interesting things people have done with Minecraft since its release. Take a look at the effect for yourself:


Most recently Minecraft has permeated popular internet culture with a spoof of the popular Epic Meal Time YouTube videos with its own parody Epic Minecraft Time. Another amazing feat created by fans of the still to be released Minecraft is a functioning rendition of the Portal games.

Most recently Notch announced that he was planning on adding a Sky Dimension to the game after overwhelmingly positive response to the concept drew his attention. It’s still unclear if this upgrade to the sky will be making its way into Patch 1.6 or not, but he told his twitter followers that they could consider it “confirmed.” Patch 1.6 will be fixing a large number of bugs as well as adding mini-maps to the game provided the functionality of the latter gets working in time for the patches release.

Minecraft will finally exit its beta state and become an officially completed title when it sees its official release on November 11, 2011. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can always download the 90-minute demo and see if its right for you.

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